Mafia: Definitive Edition – How to Reduce Game Size

A guide on how to reduce game size of Mafia: Definitive Edition. Follow these simple steps. You can free 8+ GB of disk space.

How to Reduce Game Size

As expected, MAFIA – DE will install audio files of ALL supported languages.
By following these simple steps u can free 8+ GB of disk space.

  • Go to the audio packages folder of MAFIA – DE:
    • …/steam/steamapps/Mafia Definitive Edition/edit/audio/packages

Here u will find the language packs (“german”, “english(US”), “french(france)” etc.)
In the release version u will find 7 language packs.

  • Delete the audio packs u don’t need.
    • I only need the German – audio pack, so I deleted “english(US)”, “french(france)”,”italian” etc.

IMPORTANT: Updates may restore these files. So be sure 2 delete them again after the game was updated.

by mcc

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