Mafia: Definitive Edition – How to Locate Pulp Magazines: All Terror Tales

A guide on how to locate pulp magazines: all terror tales in Mafia: Definitive Edition.

How to Locate Pulp Magazines: All Terror Tales

All These Must Die!/The Beast Of Little Black/March Of The Homeless Corpses

The magazine is on the first floor in the building where you protect Sam, right under the platform where you will shoot the cops.

Satan’s Love Bazaar/Dance Of The Bloodless Ones

The magazine is on the east side of Beech Hill.

Mistress Of The Dark Pool/Test-Tube Frankenstein

The magazine is in the bar where you meet Little Tony at the beginning of “Omerta”.

The Damned May Dance With Satan/Madman’s County Fair

The magazine is next to the valve you need to turn in order to put out the fire in the parking lot in the “Great Deal” mission.

Bride Of The Serpent/House Of The Mummy Men

The magazine is by a small shed in Works Quarter.

Slaves For The Wine Goddess/The Monster Is Hungry

The magazine is in an alleyway in Oakwood where you need to go during the “You Lucky Bastard” mission.

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