Mafia: Definitive Edition – How to Locate All the Magazines and Comics

A guide on how to locate all the magazines and comics in Mafia: Definitive Edition.

How to Locate All the Magazines and Comics

A detailed guide to the location of all the magazines in the game.

As you play through Mafia: Definitive Edition – a remake of the original game – you can find several varieties of collectibles. And magazines are one of them. Below we will tell you how to get all the magazines of each type (unfortunately, there are no popular Playboy magazines in the game):

– Cheap magazines
– Horror stories
– Fantastic stories
– Comics


First of all, note that the location of each collectable item is shown on your mini radar. But only if you are next to it, on the same floor. For example, the journals are marked with the icons of the open book.

Cheap Magazines

There are 20 cheap magazines to be found in Mafia: Definitive Edition.

1. Task “Dust-free work”. At the beginning of the assignment, when you find yourself in Vincenzo’s office (you go for the weapon), look on the side of the table, under the window.
2. Task “Fair Play”. After the races, you will need to find out where Paulie disappeared. Move to the end of the shopping arcade to meet Luka. To his right is a table with a magazine.
3. Task “It’s time to get used to.” When, together with Paulie, visit Biff, to whom they came for information, enter the back room and take the magazine lying on the sofa.
4. Task “Saints and Sinners”. After entering the brothel, go through the far right door to be behind the reception desk. There is a magazine here.
5. Assignment “Saints and Sinners”. Another magazine can be found in the church at the end of the mission, when a shootout with people at the funeral begins. At the beginning of it, examine the rack against the side wall.
6. Task “Country walk”. After you get into the first ambush and search the corpse near the truck, go along the path in the opposite direction. In the second building there will be one enemy, and there is also a rack with a magazine.
7. The task of “Omerta”. After listening to Winnie, go to the right along the trailer and take the magazine lying on the box.
8. Task “Visit to the moneybags”. When you find yourself inside the mansion, move to the far left room and take away the journal lying on the table.
9. Task “Deal of the century”. When you move to the exit from the parking lot, before going outside, look into the guard booth on the side of the barrier.
10. Task “Happy birthday!” Once on the holiday, pay attention to Sam standing in front. A few steps before him, look at the porch on the left. There is a table with a magazine.
11. Task “Happy birthday!” When you find yourself on the ship and pick up the weapon, you will be prompted to find a convenient position. After rising to the captain’s cabin with the helm, use the door on the right. Do not rush forward to the marker, but instead go around the wheelhouse, going to the left. There will be a magazine next to her.
12. Task “Lucky …”. When you go to the diner for Sergio, kill the enemies and inspect all the tables in the main hall. One of them will have a magazine.
13. The task “Cream of society”. Before you open the gate in the last hangar, behind which a car is waiting for you, examine the boxes on the left and take the magazine.
14. Task “Re-election”. When you beat two enemies in the abandoned dining room and go upstairs, leave the room and go into the adjacent room through the door on the left. Look for a magazine.
15. Task “Clean for discharge.” Once in a warehouse with several offices (about four rooms on the second floor), finish off the enemy and search these rooms. One of them has a cheap magazine.

Horror Stories

There are 19 Horror Stories magazines in total in the game.

1. The task of “Omerta”. When you visit the bar with Tiny Tonny, look at the side of the table.
2. Task “Deal of the Century”. After reaching the room with the valve and extinguishing the fire, examine the table nearby.
3. Task “Lucky …”. When you get to Sergio’s house, walk along the fence to the right of the car parked by the garage. Do not rush to climb over the fence, but instead pick up the magazine lying in the corner.
4. Task “Re-election”. After Tony finishes the candidate and falls down, go down a little lower and find yourself in a corridor with several cameras. There will be a magazine behind the far left door.
5. Assignment “Death of Art”. Towards the end of the chase for Sam, after the library with the globe and the insert, carefully examine each room, because in one of them, there is a magazine on the table. 

Find the rest of the magazines in Walk mode

1. Opposite the Oakwood Church in the Oakwood area on the map. Not far from the entrance.

Fantastic Stories

There are 20 magazines in the game from the Fantastic Stories series.

1. Task “Dust-free work”. Talk to Ralphie in the garage and look for a table with a magazine on the side of the car.
2. Task “It’s time to get used to.” At a certain point, a firefight will begin, and you will need to shoot at the enemies hiding behind the barrels. Do not rush to go down to the workshop, but instead, near the steps, look for a white sofa with a magazine.
3. Task “Visit to the moneybags”. Before entering the mansion, examine the sun loungers next to the pool.
4. The task “Bon Appetite!” When Morello’s men attack Salieri, move to the kitchen and find the magazine.
5. The task “Happy birthday!” After you find yourself on the ship, go down one deck below and find a door that can be opened. This will take you to the kitchen, where there is a magazine on one of the tables.
6. Assignment “Death of Art”. When the shootout begins in the gallery, go upstairs, go through the door and look for the magazine on your left.

Find the rest of the magazines in Walk mode

1. Under the arch opposite Morello’s bar in North Park. The bar is signed on the map.
2. Near the lighthouse in the lower right corner of the map. It is signed and located under the Beach Hill area.

Black Mask

There are also “Black Mask” magazines, and there are quite a few of them in the game – 19 pieces. 

Look for magazines in Walk mode

1. Lansom Stadium in Holbrook, signed on the map. Walk left or right from the door of the building and go into the dark corridor under the roof.
2. The Carleona Hotel in Downtown. Signed on the card. There is a lane above it (on the map). Follow there and look for a journal near the steps.
3. Oakwood Cemetery in the Oakwood area. Approximately in the middle, near the open bench. 

Comics But there are fewer comics in the game – only 10 issues. 

1. Task “Dust-free work”. In the motel, where you need to deal with the gangsters, go up to the second floor and find the door leading to the balcony. At the end of the balcony, there are comics on one of the tables. 

2. Task “It’s time to get used to.” When you exit Biff, follow Paulie and at the end of the street look at the urn on the left, at the corner of the building. There will be comics.

3. Assignment “Saints and Sinners”. On the third floor of the brothel, inspect each room. There will be a man in one of the rooms who will ask you to leave. We’ll have to beat him up, and then look into the bathroom.

4. The task of “Omerta”. In the bank, when you go to the cells for documents, look for comics on the side (on the lower level, not far from the room with cells).


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