Mafia: Definitive Edition – How to Find All Postcards and Cigarettes

A guide on how to find all postcards and cigarettes in Mafia: Definitive Edition.

Where to find all postcards in Mafia: Definitive Edition

Postcards are one of the collectibles in the action game Mafia: Definitive Edition. But they differ significantly from the same magazines or cigarette inserts. Here’s why.

The thing is that you will receive all 5 postcards in one and the same place – in Luke Burton’s workshop, which is located in the North Park area. It is so signed on the map. Talk to Luka, who is waiting for Tommy inside. If you have passed the game (that is, you need to do it in the “Walk” mode) or, at least, the task in which Tommy participates in the races, then Luka will decide to thank the hero, saying that he knows where to look for several secret racing cars.

Go to the table, near which Luka will stand, and look at the board. Interact with each of the five postcards to add them to your inventory. It’s that simple!

Each postcard can be viewed in the inventory by pressing pause and going to the second clutch after the card. Be sure to read the message on the back of the card to find out what it is about. Each postcard points to one of five locations. And if you want to find racing cars, then you have to visit each.

Where to Find All Cigarette Liners in Mafia: Definitive Edition

Note that all earbuds are marked on your mini-radar as red markers. And there are 22 such items in the game.

1. Assignment “Party with cocktails”. In the main bar hall at the beginning of the chapter, examine the visitor tables.

2. Task “Dust-free work”. On the table in the back of the bakery where you go for money.

3. Task “It’s time to get used to.” When you enter the workshop, where there were barrels and there were enemies, in the next room, examine the rack on the left.

4. Task “Saints and Sinners”. On the second floor of the brothel there is an open room, the insert is on the bed.

5. Assignment “Saints and Sinners”. Before leaving the church, in which there was a shootout, examine the shop to the right of the entrance.

6. Task “Country walk”. Once on the farm, go forward along the road behind the bridge. Note the lighted table on your right hand before the intersection. There will be an insert.

7. Task “Visit to the moneybags”. Once inside the mansion, examine the rooms on the first floor. In the far right there will be an insert.

8. The task “Happy birthday!” After meeting Sam, enter the building next to him and look for the insert in the room on the right.

9. Task “Lucky …”. At the beginning of the chapter, open the room to the left of the stairs leading down and look for the insert in the far corner.

10. Task “Lucky …”. Moving through the pier, kill enemies. In front of the gate, when a truck with enemies appears, enter the building on the right and find the liner.

11. Task “Re-election”. In the prison, when you move to the exit, after the second descent you will find yourself in a corridor with cops and detention cells. One of the chambers on the left has an insert.

12. Task “Clean for discharge”. When you find yourself in a warehouse with four offices on the second floor, neutralize the guard and search the offices. One of them will have an insert.

13. Task “A small hack”. After going down with the manager to the bank vault, kill the enemies and search the room on the left.

14. Assignment “Death of Art”. When you chase Sam, killing enemies, carefully look around. In one of the rooms there will be many books and a globe. There is also an insert on the table.

You can find the following cigarette inserts in Walk Mode:

1. Holbrook, Salieri warehouse. Signed on the card. go to the annex to the right and look for the insert to the right of it. There is also a magazine, but I have not yet figured out how to get inside the back of the warehouse.

2. Workshop Luke Burton in Downtown. Signed on the map.


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