Mafia: Definitive Edition – 100% Achievements Guide (How to Get)

100% achievements guide (how to get) in Mafia: Definitive Edition.

100% Achievements Guide


A Chase through the Night chase in the night

Completed «An Offer You Can not Refuse » /

Complete chapter “You can not give up»

of The the Back Streets of Little Italy Backyard Little Italy

Completed «Running Man» /

Complete chapter “Running Man»

of The Way the this City Works How the City Lives

Completed Molotov Party /

Complete the Cocktail Party Chapter

Gangs of Lost Heaven Lost Haven Gangs

Completed Ordinary Routine /

Complete Dusty Work Chapter

Neighborhood Hero Neighborhood Hero

Completed Fair Play /

Complete Fair Play “

Good Night for a Walk Anyways Nice Night for a Walk

Completed” Sarah “/

Complete chapter “Sarah»

Storm Cloud over Chinatown Clouds over Chinatown

Completed «Better Get Used to It» /

Complete chapter “Time to get used»

Murder’s in the House is of God Murder in God’s house

Completed «The Saint and the Sinner» /

Complete chapter “Saints and sinners»

Your Cousins Canuck Canadian native

Completed «A Trip to the Country» /

Complete chapter “outing»

Rat Rat in the house is in the house

Completed «Omerta» /

Complete chapter “Omerta»

Blood on Beech Hill hustlers in Bich- Hill

Completed “Visiting Rich People” /

Completed Chapter “Visit the Moneybags”

Best Laid Plans Brilliant Plan

Completed “Great Deal” /

Complete the “Deal of the Century!”

The Day the War Began The first day of the war

Completed “Bon Appétit” /

Complete the “Bon Appetit!”

Death on the Water Death on the Water

Completed “Happy Birthday” /

Complete the chapter “Happy Birthday!”

When God Stops Smiling When the Lord turned

Completed «You Lucky …» /

Complete chapter “Lucky the …»

of The Day the War Ended Last Day of War

Completed «Crème de la Crème» /

Complete chapter “cream of society»

A View Take from the the Top top view

Completed «Election Campaign» /

Complete chapter “Re-election»

Into the lion’s Den lion’s Den

Completed «Just For Relaxation» /

Complete “Clean Up” Chapter

That Last Big Score Big Score

Completed “Moonlighting” /

Complete “Little Hack” Chapter

Friends and Family Friends and Family

Completed “The Death of Art” /

Complete “Death of Art”


A Life of Crime / Criminal Life

Completed the game on Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulty /

Complete the game on easy, medium or hard difficulty

Made Man / Dedicated

Completed the game on Classic difficulty /

Complete the game on the classic difficulty

Supercharged / Racer Hero

Won the race /

Win the race

Lined pockets / pocket full

Paid a fine to the Lost Heaven police Department /

Pay a fine police Lost Haven

not Taken In / Live not damsya

Resisted arrest by the Lost Heaven police Department /

Provide Lost Haven police resistance at arrest

Heat from the Cops / Cops on the tail

Lost the cops after accruing a five star police chase /

Police dropped after level chase “five stars»

Car Enthusiast / Motorist

Lockpicked 5 cars on the streets of Lost Heaven and environs /

Lock opening at 5 machines Lost Haven and its surroundings

That Motor can Move /

Accelerate not bad Reached 50mph while driving the Bolt Ace /

Accelerate to 50 mph (80 km / h) with the Bolt Ace

Stunt Rider / Stunt driver

Performed a wheelie for 3 seconds /

Run 3 seconds on the rear wheel

Quite the Collection / Not bad collection

Collected 15 vehicles in the Garage / Collected 15 vehicles in the


Motor Museum / Automobile Museum

Collected 30 vehicles in the Garage /

Collect 30 Cars in

Pulp Fiction Garage /

Found a Pulp Magazine /

Lending Library / Lover Reading

Found all Pulp Magazines /

Comic Violence / Violence in Pictures

Found a copy of Gangsters Monthly /

Find a copy of Gangster Monthly

Picture Book Connoisseur / collector comic

Found all copies of Gangsters Monthly /

Find all instances of “Monthly gangster»

the Family history / Family history

Found a “Gangsters of the United States ” cigarette card /

Find cigarette liner “United States Gangsters»

of Full the set / Full set

Found all ‘Gangsters of the United States’ cigarette cards /

Find all the Gangsters of the United States cigarette inserts

On the Trail

Find a hidden car / Find a hidden car.

Car Thief Number One / Best car thief.

Found all of the hidden cars /

Find all hidden machines.

Mystery Fox Discovered / In search of a mysterious fox

Find a mysterious fox

Mystery Fox Domination / Lord of mysterious foxes

Found all Mystery Foxes /

Find all mysterious foxes

The Whole Story / Complete story

Completed the Collection /

Collect the entire collection

Not Classy / Low grade

Took Paulie to a Place of Disrepute / Took Paulie to a place of


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