Lumberjack’s Dynasty – How to Fix Graphics Issues (Better, Dark, Drops)

Having issues with your graphics in Lumberjack’s Dynasty? Too dark, drops, or other issues? Do you want better graphics and resolutions? Try some of these solutions:

Helpful Solutions for Graphic

If having any graphics issues, it is always very handy to list your computers specifications. Including your graphics & memory. With all the possible variations of PC’s this can greatly reduce the time for the developers to track down exactly what is causing the problems.

Dxdiag is a very useful listing of all your computers specifications.

Here are some videos that explain dxdiag, & how to use it:

  • What is dxdiag? [PC for Beginners]
  • Exporting Your Dxdiag File on Windows:
  • These are just a couple of the many videos online that discuss dxdiag.

Additionally, screenshots may also be handy to display exactly what problems you are having.

Better Graphics

Sometimes your computer may end up using the integrated on-board graphics, instead of the much better graphics card.

Here is a video on how to force the NVIDIA card as dedicated GPU for the game;

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