Lumberjack’s Dynasty – Guide (How to Log)

This is a guide to basic logging for Lumberjack’s Dynasty.

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Guide (How to Log)

Determining Area to Cut & Which Trees to Cut

There will be a yellow boarder around the area where it is safe to cut the trees:

Using Engineer’s Sight to determine which trees are safe to cut:

Caution: Cutting this tree will lower your Social Points, & cause a hefty financial fine.

Safe tree to cut symbol:

Cutting Down the Trees

Determining the fall path:

The trees will usually fall straight away from the direction you are facing when cutting them. But things such as buildings, trees or other obstructions can deflect them from that path.

Use the LMB to Cut down tree.

Hold LMB then move mouse right or left to keep the saw symbol in orange bar area:

Note: Controllers use a different binding for moving the cutter symbol right or left.

Cleaning Up the Felled Trees

You will next have to clean up the felled tree to get it ready to be removed from the forest, & ready for the mill.

Use Engineer’s Sight (RMB) to view the various symbols for this process.

Cut away all the branches:

Cut the log to the proper length for the trailers:

Some trees are too tall, so need the ends cut off.

Note: this is often a reason you cannot pickup some logs, since they are not at the proper length. So just use Engineer’s Sight to verify that there is not any additional cuts required.

Hand Carry Logs to Storage Point

Many of the early quests will require you to hand carry the log sections to a storage location designated by the customer.

Grab the log properly in the middle, so that it is balanced properly:

Grab the log here so that you can pick it up & carry it:

Carrying the logs to the storage location:

When at the storage location press E to drop the log.

Using Trailer & Crane to Move Logs

Position the trailer next to the logs so that the crane can swing out to reach them:

Move the crane over the log until it turns green:

Drop the log into the trailer.

Once the trailer is loaded you can haul the logs to the dump pads, which there are many located around the map. NOTE: Dropping logs in the river at locations other than the dump pads can cause them to get stuck there. Best to use the designated log dump sites.

Move the load of logs to the log dump pad:

Swing the log over the water & drop it in.

Logs floating to the sawmill.

The logs will shortly arrive at the log lifter hoist at the sawmill, from there they will be processed according to how the control stand in the sawmill is set. Either just debarked & sent to the sale bin, or debarked & sent to be cut to planks.

Occasionally you will get a log jam at the log lifter hoist. Usually they will all eventually work their way up into the sawmill, so just give it time.

Troubles Felling Trees

Occasionally you will have some troubles.

Here was a very rare time when the tree decided to not fall down:

Very rarely you get a stubborn tree 

To rectify the problem I stepped back a bit, & took a running jump at the tree. Down it came.

There are also times when the trees fall through the ground.

by Merck

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  1. Great tutorial but I haven’t been able to get the crane to flash green when trying to pick up the log in the beginning when helping uncle. I move near it, and try moving the crane near it, over it, looking like it needs to only close, at all areas up and down the thicker half of the log. Can any more detail be given?

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