Lumberjack’s Dynasty – A Place to Stay Quest, Tree Planting, Selling Plank

A guide on how to complete A Place to Stay Quest, how to make more tree planting, how to sell planks in Lumberjack’s Dynasty.

A Place to Stay Quest

How to Complete It?

You have to fix the aunt & uncle’s buildings to complete the quest. So if still not completed, then you have missed some spots. Go around & use the Engineer’s Sight (RMB) to look at all buildings. Most will state at the bottom if they are “Fully Repaired“. But there are all kinds of additional things around the homestead & the sawmill complex that need repairing also to complete the quest.

Finally if still stuck & cannot locate the problem spot. You could upload the most recent save (all 7 files) to a site like Dropbox, & I could then find the offending spot. I have completed this quest so many times, that I pretty well know all the spots.

by Merck

How to Make More Tree Planting?

You can buy more land. It will helps on how to make more tree planting.

How to Sell Planks?

Firstly, do the quest for the forklift.

How do you get the planks at the store to sell without having a pallet truck?

You have to transport them by forklift or maybe get them into trailer.

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  1. Hi Merc,
    I know where the spot that I am missing is but there is no option for me to fix that missing spot in the bedroom floor. What can I do to fix this issue. I have already completed all other quests and I cannot progress any further without this.

  2. Hi I’m sure I’ve finished house garage workshop greenhouse and barn. It said completed. Fixed fences playground put in hives and scarecrow. But cannot finish a place to stay. Any hints? Driving me nuts TIA

  3. Hi, With regard to tree planting, do new trees automatically seed and grow on bought land over time? or is there something you need to do first?

  4. Mine sends me to a spot 18 m up above the well. If I jump I can be 17 m from it. I have no clue how to even approach this problem. All buildings seem the be repaired, it just sends me to space before it will finish the quest :p

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