Lost Ark – How to Locate All Prideholme Mokoko Seeds on Map

A guide on how to locate all Prideholme Mokoko seeds on map in Lost Ark.

How to Locate All Prideholme Mokoko Seeds on Map

This guide will show you where you can find all Prideholme Mokoko seeds.

First two Mokoko seeds

You have to walk through this wall and then continue forward, it feels like labyrinth (invisible). At the end you will find two Mokoko seeds. Yeah, 7 more.

Third Mokoko seed

This is easy, just go at the locations as in the picture.

See Map

Fourth Mokoko seeds

Be carefull, this one is behind the tree. It thinks its invisible, lol.

See Map

Fifth Mokoko seed

Behind the lion statue in the middle of the first half of the map.

See Map

Sixth Mokoko seed

Right in the middle of two “taverns”, quite impossible to miss, that was my first seed i seen.

See Map

Seventh Mokoko seed

That one is the most trickiest to find. Its right in the direction of the arrow.

See Map

Eight and Nineth Mokoko seeds

Pictures should do it.

by Péťa cz

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