Loop Hero – Card Combos Guide

This guide helps you on card combos in Loop Hero.

Card Combos Guide

1. Rocks

  • 3×3 Rocks (you can add Mountains to it, but generally, mountain cards should be saved to use without spending them on the Mountain Peak) will make a Mountain Peak. It gives a massive HP boost but also spawns Harpies
  • Every 10 rocks or mountains a Goblin Outpost will spawn

2. Meadows

  • Meadows placed next to anything = Blooming Meadow, which heals 3HP instead of 2 each day, it also gives you more resources

3. Village

  • Village + Vampire mansion = Ransacked Village – Spawns 4 Ghouls each loop for 3 loops, after that transforms into a Count’s Lands, restoring more HP and giving you better rewards for quests
  • You can also create Overgrown Fields by using Oblivion on a Village after placing Wheat Fields next to it. Credit: TripleHelix935 <3

4. Swamp

  • Swamp + Goblin outpost = Goblin lookout post, they add goblin archer to fights near the outpost, he can’t be killed as he’s a support unit.
  • Card synergy – Placing Swamp near Vampire Mansion will turn Vampire’s heal from lifesteal into damage making them easier to kill. CREDIT McWaffle <3

5. Treasury

  • Treasury will spawn random resources after placing a tile next to it, surround it with tiles to open the treasury and get a nice pack of resources, be careful though as Empty Treasury spawns Gargoyles

6. Battlefield

  • 2 Battlefields placed next to each other will create bloody path, it will start spawning blood clots

7. Grove

  • Place a Blood Grove next to a Grove, then use Oblivion on a Grove to create a Hungry Grove tile – It kills enemies that have 20% hp left but ocassionally attacks hero for 17HP
  • You can also create a Hungry Grove by placing 2 Blood Groves next to each other. Credit: abergdrawsnear
  • Blood Golems will spawn if Blood Grove consumes enough enemies. Credit: xViTx and Unn4m3d Thank you!

8. River

  • Create Battlefield next to it to create a Shipwreck – It spawns Chests and Sirens
  • Place a Road next to it to create Reeds, they spawn Fishmen
  • Placing a desert/sand dune next to a river changes the river into Oasis (-0.5 hero attack speed, -1 enemy attack speed) but doesn’t double the effect of the desert/sand dune CREDIT: Kani <3

9. Forest

  • If you place a Storm Temple down, then a Forest or thicket in the path of the Storm Temple, it turns into a burned forest, which gives you .5 magic damage each. – CREDIT: NonSensePanda <3

10. A Village?

  • 10 Forests/Thickets will spawn “A Village?” which starts spawning training dummies. Credit: Darth Saruman <3
  • Place Wheat Fields down beside “A Village?” to create Overgrown Fields. Credit: Hatecaster <3

11. Suburbs

  • if you surround it completely with other Suburbs it upgrades into the Town, which grants 2 additional enemy experience per kill. Credit: WyvernZed <3 Correction: To create a Town you only need to make a T shaped structure with Suburbs Credit: fats <3

12. Abandoned Bookery

  • Abandoned Bookery + Temporal Beacon spawns Watcher Mage Credit: Hopit <3
  • Abandoned Bookery + Vampire Mansion spawns Vampire Mage Credit: Anver <3

Note: This guide is currently WiP, I’ll keep adding more combos, if you’d like to contribute to this guide by adding more combos or screenshots please let me know, i’ll credit you for the help 🙂

By Uncy

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