Little Witch Nobeta – How to Get 100% Achievements

A guide on how to get %100 achievements in Little Witch Nobeta.

How to Get 100% Achievements?

Lightning Level 3

  • After returning to New Game +, kill new boss for Lightning 1.
  • At statue before original boss, go straight down where the statue is facing to find the boss.
  • Kill new boss 3 times to get lightning 3.

Area Spells

  • Scroll over to the item that generates Mana/Health over time, press “Z” to drop.
  • Controller? Look at settings -> Controls and search for “Drop item”.

Let There Be Light

From beginning of the map, walk around and find pillars, do not run.

  • All lights are on pillars.
  • If a pillar have a light, the opposite one won’t have anyway.
  • There are no hidden pillars.

When the map changes, turn back, there are no more pillars to light from that point onwards.

Confused Little Witch

  • Kill yourself with your spells.
  • Charged fireball or lightning can do it.

Win Without Dirtying Your Hands

  • Monica phase 1.
  • Deal damage till boss have low health.

Wait for Monica to cast the ground explosion. Walk near the boss and let the explosion kill it.

I suspect letting the bear charge into lava will work too, as long as you don’t deal the killing blow.

Treasure Hunter

Floor 1

  • 3 Chests – You won’t miss them.

Floor 2

  • 1 at spawn.
  • First mushroom area – Life crystal.
  • Above staircase, opposite side – Defense crystal.
  • Next Area, jump below – Ice.
  • Climb up, look right, lighted area. Jump, jump attack, stick to right wall and turn when necessary – Arcane.
  • Above Spiral staircase – Mysterious crystal.

Floor 3

  • 4 way road split, turn left, chest at end of road – life crystal.
  • 4 way road split, all the way straight, 1 obvious chest.
  • Go in. First chasm, opposite have barrels and 1 chest. Look down right, jump that platform and proceed – Counter Magic.
  • Jump back opposite, continue the path, exit roof, right side – backpack.
  • New area – go in, turn left, 2 breakable walls – Wind.
  • Finish scissors girl – cutscene, chasm, cross plank, turn, chest – Sacred crystal.
  • Magic crystal – Fire.
  • Lava area – Obvious chest at top – defense crystal.
  • Moving platform, go opposite, get statue. Return, activate platform, jump to left side, climb, jump on top of moving platform, jump to opposite side top door (Charged lightning helps, but not necessary) – Arcane
  • Kill Monica – Ice.

Floor 1 New Game

5 Chests

  • After jumping down into Rectangle hole. Before going to the breakable obelisk, turn around, chest is behind breakable wall.
  • While jumping down Square hole.
  • After jumping down Square hole in the room you landed in (Behind breakable wall, 2 walls).
  • After statue while running to Boss, it cannot be missed.
  • After the boss (Lightning).

by Aihana Etsu

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