Little Nightmares II – Thin Man: Mono Final Boss Fight and Ending Guide

This guide helps on thin man: Mono final boss fight and the ending of Little Nightmares II.

Thin Man: Mono Final Boss Fight

the final boss, Six must use the function, that mono used during the boss fight, although at the last moment, six stops fighting. He will glitch into mono, and they will prepare to return to reality with six’s powers. Teacher, and Viewers, suddenly burst into the tower, and pursue Six and Mono, into a glowing doorway. They must navigate the tower of fleshy eye balls, as the towers swallows viewers alive, rubble comes crashing down on the teacher, snapping her stretching neck. The same scene, happens where six catches mono, but this time, six pulls him up and the tower transports them a giant heart, the heart of the city. Six and mono must hold hands, and energy will flow between them. The heart will burst into flames, and a gate will open, the duo then enter reality…

The Ending

Six starts awake, in her house. She gets up, and can explore the house, including entering Mono’s room, he is not wearing a hat, nor is six in her raincoat. They can interact with each other, and everything is normal scaled. Six must enter her moms room, and interact with her. Mom will pull out a book, and the door will blow shut, inaudible reading can be heard, and the door will blow open again. The mom can be heard saying “The end.” and six will walk out of the room. The screen will zoom in on the mom, as the player can read the words the end. The credits will start rolling, on the book’s page, and ultimately, the mother will close the book, which is titled. Little Nightmares, below it says, thanks for playing the franchise, by Tarsier Studios.

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