Little Nightmares II – How to help Mono be Six’s Valentine

A guide on how to help mono be six’s valentine in Little Nightmares II.

How to help Mono be Six’s Valentine

Feeling bad for Mono after playing little nightmares 2? Contemplating the meaning of life? Wondering what in tarnation just happened? Take your mind off the doom and gloom of this MONOtone world with this extremely useful guide! (spoilers).

Hold her hand UwU

As we all know Six is a very sentimental being. The simple act of holding her hand is a surefire way to get straight to her black, soul-crushing heart. It is vital to show Six that you care, because we all know just how much she cares about us… ahem… Holding Six’s hand is a perfect way to help our boy Mono begin his most important adventure UwU

Equip the Nome DLC Hat

Show Six you really know her by wearing her favourite snack: the head of a nome. Although this method comes with some risks, 5 times out of 10 Six will decide not to eat you, and you’ll be one step closer to Mono’s valentines day dream come true. (Honestly its a flip of a coin, she may eat you she may not. Man, this sounds like it could be a MONOtonous task)

Go on a hot (murderous) date

Steer your moral compass to the side and take part in one of Six’s favourite pastimes: Cold blooded murder! Sure the hunter was trying to kill you, but with Six, no expense was spared! Assisting Six in murder will show her that your just as terrible of a person as she is! No, you can’t argue, you pulled the trigger…

Light her a nice romantic fire

Hopsitals are dark and cold places, liven up the mood by lighting a smoky romantic fire. Together you can sit and warm up over the roar of the fire and the eerie screams of a man being burned alive. Six will even give you bonus point for being such a terrible person! Does it get more romantic then that? I certainly think not.


Congratulations! Mono has completed his mission: to become six’s valentine! And its all thanks to you being such an awful person and not even realizing it! It seems that we have helped Six board her second ship… a relationship! (im sorry please dont kill me).

By El Padrino Blanco

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