Little Nightmares 2 – How to Get Chapter 4/5/Misc Achievements

A guide on how to get chapter 4/5/misc achievements in Little Nightmares 2.

How to Get Chapter 4/5/Misc Achievements

Chapter 4 Achievements

Pale Kids

How to: Find all the glitched kids in chapter 4

Post Industrial

How to: you need to go to the second elevator puzzle in chapter four. Put on the postman hat, and jump down the trash chute. Once down there, You can find a suitcase. Open it, and pick up the package inside. Carry the package over to the left side of the room, where you will find a mail slot with an eye scrawled on it. Drop the package in, and you’ll get the achievement.

Unlady Like

How to: Break the lady statue in the room with the glitched kid



How to: Finish chapter 4

Chapter 5 Achievements

Signal Interruption

How to: Finish Chapter 5

How Do I Look

How to: Finish the game and put on the hat

Misc Achievements

Twenty Six

How to: Call to Six twenty six times

Half Hat

How to: Obtain half the hats (There are guides on this already on steam)

Far Ahead

How to: Obtain all the hats (there are already guides on this on steam)

In the Palm of My Hand

How to: Hold hands with Six for Six minutes

No More Remains

How to: Find all glitched remains

Prime Time Content Consumer

How to: complete all achievements and then replay the ending

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