Little Nightmares 2 – How to Get Chapter 2/3 Achievements (Schooled, Hospitalized, and More)

A guide on how to get chapter 2/3 achievements (schooled, hospitalized, and more) in Little Nightmares 2.

How to Get Chapter 2/3 Achievements

Chapter 2


How to: Equip the ball hat and run through the goal

Fly Free

How to: In the room full of toys you find a paper airplane, take the paper airplane to the open window you used to enter the school and throw it out the window

Bully of Bullies

How to: In the classroom where the mannequin children are in class, you need to alert them to your presence. Run right, climb the bookcase and jump off as it starts to fall, crushing the pursuing enemies and getting this achievement

Merciful Feat

How to: After exiting the elevator, and reaching the area with the single mannequin child with the Nome hat, simply grab the pipe and move on, sparing his life

Mono Tones

How to: Run on the piano keys until the achievement unlocks

School Kids

How to: Unknown as of yet, presumably find all Glitched Kids in the school


How to: Complete Chapter 2

Chapter 3

True Colors

How to: Six finds and puts on her raincoat. Story related, cannot miss

X Best Friends

How to: take Six’s hand and lead her behind the xray once it is turned on

Toys are for Kids

How to: Unknown as of yet, seems to be wear the bear hat and then burn the teddy bear


How to: After opening the far right electric door, just inside by a wheel chair is a cob of corn. Take it down to the incinerator, burn it, then go inside the incinerator for this achievement

…And Stay Dead

How to: Strike a hand three more times after it is already dead


How to: In front of the corridor from the hands of mannequins, near the crib there is a drawn eye with chalk, under it there is cheese. So we take the cheese and go through the hole in the grate on the right and there we find the door to the room, there will be a “glitched kid” and a hole into which you need to throw cheese

First Do No Harm

How to: Instead of burning the doctor, leave him


How to: Pull on the vending machine lever until no more sodas come out

Sick Kids

How to: Unknown as of yet presumably find all glitched kids in the hospital

Medicine Ball

How to: After running away from the hall of mannequins, throw the ball into their hands


How to: Unknown as of yet, possibly complete chapter 3

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