Library Of Ruina – Guide to City, Backstreets, Outskirts, Fixers Offices, Syndicates

This a guide of Library Of Ruina to World Scenario, Wings, Head City, Backstreets, Outskirts and Ruins, Fixers, Offices and Associations, Syndicates and Hand, etc.

Guide to Library Of Ruina

The World Scenario

The game world takes place on Earth many years into the future, humans have exhausted nearly all resources of the planet. Suddenly the powerful technologies are known as “Singularities” are discovered and harnessed by various corporations. The “Singularities” advanced technology is so great that what has thought science fiction becomes reality.

These mega corporations would grow to control vast sectors of cities, becoming the dominant force and government, known as “Wings”. To control these corporations would be the “Head”, a mysterious group that rules the world with a dystopian grip. These all gather in one gigantic complex, split into 26 districts, known as “Nests” among the 25 Wings and Head.

With this advancement in technology and power, come a massive gap between the rich and poor, to the point where there are two different urban sectors splitting the castes. The poor live in the “Backstreets”, a labyrinth of crammed alleyways and streets where crime runs rampant and human mortality is at an all time high.

Meanwhile the upper class live in the “City”, a place where bright-lit skyscrapers and neon lights line the streets, but hidden behind the glamour is a corporate world as unforgiving as the “Backstreets”.

These two sectors make up the Nest, controlled by their respective Wing, although the “Backstreets” are all connected together and ruled by a powerful Syndicate known as “The Hand”.

Outside the complex, is a barren wasteland known as the “Outskirts”, where outcasts, cannibals, and exiles live, and even further beyond, is a forsaken place known as the “Ruins”.

In a cutthroat world, mercenaries knew as “Fixers” rise to solve any problems citizens have, whether be simple chores or assassination. They combat the Syndicates and perform corporate work for the Wings and Associations.

The Wings

There are 26 Wings including the Head, each with their own Singularity technology, each Wing controls 1 District, which includes the City and Backstreets. Each Wing’s purpose is mostly to generate energy to keep the whole complex going, each one having a different method of doing so, Lobotomy Corp, for example, harvests energy from Abnormalities.

Each Wing has specialized departments that ensure smooth operation, some Wings are more specialized in certain tasks than others.

Wings can request mutual agreements with other Wings or their associates to either deal with certain issues they cannot handle, or exchange of armaments, supplies, or personal. Wings can also hire Fixers into working for them, Kali being an example, as she was hired by Lobotomy Corporation.

All Wings also have some form of a para-military force to use in armed conflicts, typically with rival Wings or lesser corporations. However, there was a large-scale war known as the “Wing’s War”, this caused massive devastation to the population and landscape, and the aftermath of the sites would become the Outskirts.

During the War, the Perception Filter was created to lessen the visual horrors of said conflict, it was later adapted for commercial use after the end of the war.

List of Wings

L Corporation: Known as Lobotomy Corporation, they gathered energy by extracting abnormalities, led by Ayin and Angela, along the 9 Sefirot. The whole corporation was thrown into disarray after the “Seed of Light”. Owns District 12.

R Corporation: A military company that handles any threats to their clients with several specialized branches of varying destruction. The main branch is the Rabbit Team, led by Captain Myo, there are also at least two other branches, being the Rhino Team, and the Reindeer Team, both with their own Captains. There is also a head general or leader who leads R Corp as a whole.

TimeTrack: A corporation that specializes in reversing, accelerating, or pausing time. Their technology was used heavily by L Corp.

W Corp: A corporation that handles warping and teleportation technology.

O Corp: Had the issue of the “Balloon People” case.

N Corp: Mentioned in Distortion Detective, as their crematoriums were used to burn the 58 missing people from the “Photographer” case. Their buildings are completely pure white. Owns District 14.

K Corp: Owns District 11.

J Corp: Their Singularity is a mental lock on a person’s mind, making it impossible for interrogation.

G Corp: Their Singularity allows the control of “weight” in an object, allowing light things to become heavy, and vice versa.

The Head

The 26th Wing, known as “The Head”, is a mysterious organization that rules all of the Wings and Cities, they reside in District 1, at the heart of the complex. They maintain their iron grip through their Singularity and various subsidiaries that enforce their will.

The Head uses an intelligence network known as the “Eyes”, which monitors the cities through surveillance and listening devices.

For handling threats or securing dangerous artifacts, the Head has its own personal army of Fixers, modified soldiers, and the shock troops known as the “Claws”. If any sign of rebellion is shown, or any technology the Head takes an interest in is held by a corporation, these soldiers are sent in to silence all opposition.

In addition to this, the Head also uses the “Arbiters”, Singularity-infused assassins whose power surpass even the most hardened of Fixers, a single Arbiter can lay waste to an entire corporation.

The City

Comprised of the upper echelons of society, the Cities are a place where everyone aspires to go to. In the City is an opportunity, better living conditions, and a future secured in the Wings or Associations. Each City is ruled by a Wing, which handles and maintains the city by collecting taxes, enhancing research, and hiring new employees.

Each City has its own unique culture and architecture, but all share the common theme of marketplaces, schools, apartments, and retail stores.

To enter the City however, is a different matter. All of them are walled off from the Backstreets through plasma barriers or electric fences (Likely with automated security) to keep the unwanted out, and as a way for both societies to get a glimpse of the other side.

To properly enter, one needs to go to an Examinee Center to take an Entrance Exam, which requires proper preparation and study, those who succeed will be given a Nest Migration Ticket to enter the City. Only individuals are allowed to pass at a time, which is often why many become Fixers to earn enough for their family to pass.

After one gets into a City, they should quickly find work to do, whether it be Fixers, Syndicates, or basic work. This is because, in order to stay in the City, you need to contribute and pay taxes, whether it be rent for housing or other services. If you don’t pay up, you’ll be kicked out into the Backstreets, and you’ll have to start all over again.

For education, many schools are dedicated to teaching students to enroll in universities within the City if they want to join a Wing. High school students take a college scholastic ability test, which is held in most Cities, to determine if they get into a good college. A college in the Backstreets obviously does not give as much credit as one in the Cities.

But just because you are within the City, doesn’t mean your safe from danger. The Wings often take people off the streets for Singularity experiments, powerful Syndicates still mug people in isolated areas, and Fixers are fighting said Syndicates.

The Backstreets

The slums of civilization, the Backstreets are an interconnected maze of back alleys, shanty towns, and ruins. The poor and poverty-stricken life here, living conditions are bad, and crime occurs frequently. The only reason why the Backstreets don’t tear themselves apart is because of The Hand, which maintains some semblance of order.

The Backstreets have their own “grading” system, in which areas are ranked based on the safety they provide, an area protected by an Association, for example, will be higher than that is not. People from higher areas will even mock or reject those from lower ones.

Because of the poor standard of living, the Backstreets are filled with criminal activity such as black markets, drug dens, and small crime groups. Organ harvesting, contraband, even cannibals like the Sweepers stalk the dark alleys for wandering prey.

The worst part is, no one really does anything to stop this, not even the Hand makes any moves to reform the Streets, as they only care about controlling their own territory, although the Index has rules to prevent irrational violence. This is simply the reality of the Backstreets, a man having his organs ripped out by Gut-Harvesters is not an uncommon sight, and is likely to be dismissed just as easily.

But when Night falls on the Backstreets, martial law is applied to the entire area. Any crime, no matter how cruel, how bloody or heinous, is permitted for the entire period until dawn. This rule was most likely created to enforce population control to prevent overcrowding. Murderers, Sweepers, and other kill groups patrol the alleys. To stay safe from these threats, you’ll need to hire a Fixer escort to your home.

The Rats

The prime bulk of criminal activity in the Backstreets, the Rats are your everyday thieves, killers, smugglers, and dealers. Their not organized like Syndicates are, and aren’t allied to each other either, its every man for himself out there.

They leap at nearly any opportunity for wealth or power, tearing it among themselves (hence the name) most make money selling artificial organs and body modifications on the black market.

The Outskirts and Ruins

The Outskirts

Located at the fringes of society, the Outskirts are a barren wasteland, covered with bombed-out cities left from the Wing’s Wars. There are hardly any signs of civil life, the only humans that live in the Outskirts are either outcasts and exiles, orphan children from the wars, or deranged cannibals such as Cleaners.

However, there are still prospects to be found by exploring the place, strange and abnormal beings (usually plants) and technology can be found tucked away in the decrepit buildings. Some of these are harmful, others beneficial, granting boons or curses upon those who discover them. Because of this, Wings or other corporations will send out expeditions to retrieve these forgotten relics.

Creatures and other mutated aberrations of significant threat dwell here. Military corporations such as R Corp are probably sent here and the Ruins on Extermination missions, so that these horrors don’t drift too close to civilization.

The Ruins

The Ruins are the No-Man’s Land of this World, a landscape littered with crumbling structures. But the eldritch monsters that live here are those of ALEPH threat level, or even beyond that. Expeditions sent here have a low chance of survival, and those that do are shaken from the experience. Since this is one of the most dangerous places to go to, its quite possible the forbidden relics and technology found here would be worth killing for.


The job of a Fixer is seen as an escape from a boring and dull lifestyle, since you get the chance to make a name for yourself and earn a large profit.

But the life of a Fixer is filled with plenty of dangers. Not only do you run the risk of dying but even at the office you need to watch out for raids by Syndicate members, who seem to be locked in conflict with the Fixers.

Fixers are mostly a demand in the Backstreets, due to the high mortality rate and crime, but they appear in the Nests too. Fixers often work as security for Corps, intel-gatherers, and hit men.

As a Fixer, your bound to the Office or Association you work for, you can’t do any kind of free-lance work, since that violates your contract with your office. To truly obtain freedom from the Offices and even the Wings, one must be a top Grade 1 Fixer and be granted a “Color” from the One Society. But you’ll need to put a lot of effort and work in to be noticed by the Society, very few Fixers can obtain the honor of a Color. One of the known Color Fixers is the “Red Mist”, who was hailed as a hero of the Backstreets before she joined Lobotomy Corp.

Becoming a Fixer

To become a Fixer, one can join up at one of the Offices that manage them, most of these offices are independent, others align themselves with one of the 12 Associations as part of a cooperative relationship. Fixers can join Associations too for better benefits, but the requirements are high. Finally, One Society manages the Associations. As for who oversees the Society, they are either independent or work under the Wings and Head.

Fixers are ranked by “Grades”, we know they go from 10-1, 10 is the lowest Grade, with 1 being the most powerful Fixers. To earn a new Grade, one must have a high performance during their work, the better you are, the faster you’ll rise up the ranks. Equipment depends on your current Grade, rookies simply get a basic uniform and weapon, while veterans can access armor and weapons that can demolish the toughest of foes.

Fixer Outfits

The outfit of a Fixer is entirely up to them, while some Associations can provide a protective uniform for recruits, most of the clothing is up to you to purchase (as long as your following the outfit code of your Office/Association). There’s plenty of basic shops that have Fixer attire in inventory, but the stores specifically made for Fixers have high-quality armor that comes at deep prices. If you have the money to spend, you can also request your own personally tailored suit. Some Fixers undergo surgeries and body modification to enhance themselves and tend to wear non-standard clothing as a way of showing off.

Fixer Workshops

For Fixers, only the best quality weapons, armor, and gadgets will get you through the day. Thats where Workshops come in. There are plenty of brands for one to choose from, each with their own unique qualities and traits. The head craftsmen of these Workshops are known as Meisters. Because of the often dangerous line of work Fixers go through, the equipment is often highly specialized.

Stigma Workshop: Known for the exquisite symbols their weaponry carves into their victims, the company specializes in offensive equipment for Fixers, such as a heat-wire sword. Their also expensive.

Allas Workshop: Their gloves increase the speed of a person’s movement by a multiple of five.
Koori: Known to produce a sky-blue glove that freezes anything on contact.
Nester: Produced a one-handed hammer capable of causing shattering impacts to flesh and bone.

YuRia Atelier: One of the top ten workshops in District 14, only those who have premium membership can access their products. They produce the highest quality of equipment at a surprisingly fast rate, ranging from weapons, armor, and augmentations.
Namir Workshop: Produced heavy close-combat gauntlets.

Offices and Associations


The starting point for all Fixers, Offices are basically much smaller versions of Associations, they don’t have as much manpower, and are often swamped in debt to the Wings. An Operator handles the managing of the Office, hiring new recruits and such.

Some poor state Offices are handled by only one Fixer, which says a lot about how hit or miss the business can be.

Known Offices

Yun’s Office: A small Office managed by Yun, the Operator. He sent Finn and a team of Fixers to investigate the Library, and when they didn’t return, set out alongside Grade 8 Eri and the entire Office to confront the Library. As a result, they were all wiped out.
Outfit: Grey, Dark Grey coats

The Associations

The Associations are large professional organizations made up of Fixers and their managers, they specialize in the more dangerous line of mercenary work, taking jobs no one else wants to. Though this isn’t to say they don’t take non-combat jobs.

They help manage most of the offices under their contract, and have much higher pay and better equipment than a basic Office. Associations have several Branches based on the directions of a compass: North, South, East, and West. Branches are then divided into Sections, which is run by several Managers.
There are 12 Associations, which are managed by the One Society, and they all have different uniforms, rules, and specializations in their line of work.


When you join an Association, you’ll need to do your best to represent the organization properly, which means following the outfit pamphlet so you show your clients that your reliable. You don’t need to strictly follow the guidelines, just so as long as your outfit matches the theme of the Association. Since Associations take on high-risk jobs, you’ll want the toughest gear to endure it.

Known Associations

Zwei Association

Their motto being: “Your Shield”.

As their name implies, Zwei Association uses their signature Zweihander swords in combat. Their primarily a combat-oriented Association, as they take protection jobs in the Backstreets for clients seeking safety from Syndicates and crazed murderers.
Outfit: Dark Navy Blue, Black, and Pale Yellow, and they wear large coats with military shoulder boards that indicate rank.

When the Library arose from Lobotomy Corp, the Zwei Association was one of the many groups sent to scout out and learn about the new location. Isadora and General Manager Walter are two notable members of this Association, as they were part of the investigation team sent there.

Dawn Association

Not much is known about this Association, similar to Zwei, they use a variety of long and great swords. Their outfit code is a little more lenient than other Associations, as the only requirement is to wear a dull colored coat.

Outfit: Tan, Black, and White colored coats and pants.

Seven Association

An Association that specializes in intelligence and investigation operations, they solve any mysteries or disturbances the Corporations want investigated. Notable members include Moses, Ezra, and Han Hee-joon.

Syndicates and the Hand


Syndicates are the opposing faction of the Fixers and often conduct raids on Fixer Offices. They are basically the “Criminal” counterpart to the Fixers. They also seem to antagonize the Backstreet populace, as Zwei Association mentions defending citizens from Syndicate members. Their not your average street brutes however, the group most likely has a similar professional structure and agenda similar to the Fixers but seem to have a conflicting goal with them.

In addition, Wings sometimes hire Syndicates as thugs to handle business they can’t do officially.
Syndicates are handled in a hierarchy system, with powerful bosses dictating districts at the top, but the group that stands above all of them are the “Hand of the Backstreets”.

The Hand

Also known as the “Five Fingers”, the Hand is the absolute power of Syndicates, they are the sole ruling organization that keeps order in the Backstreets, all Syndicates answer directly to them. Not even the Wings and the Head can easily interfere in the Hand’s business.

The Hand is split into five groups; “Thumb”, “Index”, “Middle”, “Ring”, and “Pinky”. All of these branches have their own territory in the Backstreets, and enforce different rules to control these districts, most of the Five have strict rules and are unforgiving in their punishments, although Index is the more lenient of them. Each branch meets up for a meeting once in a while to discuss effective ways to control the Backstreets, as well as manage territories.

Its unknown whether all branches share the same color theme, but Index’s main colors are mostly White cloaks with Gold accents and a Black business suit.ConclusionHope this guide helped you understand the World of Ruina better, as of now this guide is incomplete due to the game being in Early Access.

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