Let’s Build a Zoo – How to Get Rid of Overpopulation

A guide on how to get rid of overpopulation in Let’s Build a Zoo.

How to Get Rid of Overpopulation

  • Contraception! If you click on an animal in a pen, you can click the contraception button to stop them breeding, and you can also choose to apply it to all animals in that pen.
  • That’ll stop every animal in that pen making any more babies!
  • Donating animals. If you click an animal, you can click the DONATE button to give them away (or euthanise, if you’re that kind of player…)
  • The Release Hub! You’ll find this on the research panel. Once you’ve unlocked and built the Release Hub, you can essentially give multiple animals away all in one go, and help the population of that animal in the world!

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