Len’s Island – Guide to The City (All Events)

This guide helps you on the city with all events in Len’s Island.

Guide to The City (All Events)

At somepoint during the Caves you will found a place titled The Forgotten City. Which is the Spike in difficulty and progress in Lens Island. The City holds more resources than the first half of the caves. Here’s what to expect when going into the city.

The City is hard, it is infested with so many voids, traps and loot. There are a few major things to point out with the city. First of all being the events. There are 3 major events in the cave which I will detail here.

Event 1

This event is the first one you will encounter into the cave, in this event you will run into a few large voids[/u[,]4 voidling spawners. The event is designed to first catch unprepared players off guard. You can quickly be overwhelmed in this scenario and killed very quickly if you are caught in the crowd of voids. Here is how I suggest you clear it. Immedietly run for a close by spawner.

Spawn swinging at it and then go for the other one, you should take minimal damage as the voids are only winding up. Next start taking on another, if you feel you are taking too much damage attacking these spawners then slowly kite the enemies around the arena and deal damage to each spawner till they are all dead, if you are carrying a large aoe weapon this strategy is quite effective, faster weapons can take out the spawners quicker. So the choice is yours.

Event 2

This event is another one that can catch players off guard, if a player hasn’t explored too much then this may be the first time they meet the thunderbug which is a little bug that hits hard. The arena holds 4 large voids and 4 thunderbugs and the room would have numerous pressure plated traps for you to use against you or for you. Here is a solution to getting through.

Enter the arena and kite them around, you can do this entire fight without swinging by using the traps to shoot the voids, you can use heavy weapons to bunch up the bugs and take them out in one combo, if you don’t; you risk being zapped to death very quickly. You can play a more quicker style and pop in for a few hits then run away. Just try not to get caught by a large void.

by La Flying Spartan

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