LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Guide to Fix Performance Issues

A guide on how to fix performance issues in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

How to Fix Performance Issues


This worked for me, will obviously vary depending on your issues. For me, if I alt+tabbed out of the game, it turned my frames to low/stuttery. I also had issues where it would run SUPER smooth (140+ fps) in windowed mode, but ran like stuttering garbage in fullscreen mode (30 fps). I was constantly changing my video option between window, window+borderless, and fullscreen which would sometimes fix it.

Fix One – Manually Set Refresh Rate

  • Find your %appdata% / Warner Bros / StarWars folder.
  • Look for a file named “PCCONFIG” and edit in notepad.
  • Change the value of “ScreenRefreshRate” to your monitors.

By default this is set to 24, I changed mine to 165 to match my monitor max refresh rate.

Fix Two – Nvidia Settings

  • Open Nvidia Settings
  • Manage 3D Settings
  • Program Settings Tab
  • Select or Add lego star wars
  • In the ‘specify the settings for this program’ I changed:

Vertical Sync: On
Triple Buffering: On

My System Specs:

  • 11th Gen i7
  • RXT 3080
  • 32GB RAM

by ButtChew

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