Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game – Guide to Celestial Grind, Science, Gold, and More

It is a guide to celestial grind, science, gold, and more in Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game.

Guide to Celestial Grind, Science, Gold, and More


Some basic themes for this guide:

  • This game doesn’t reward patience, it punishes it.
  • Idling isn’t that necessary, but is a decent headache saver (requires a bit of thought to make it worthwhile).
  • Resetting will be constant.
  • Your sense of discovery will waste your time sometimes.

Basic Baby ♥♥♥ Leaves

The perfect tutorial, the initial regular leaves will let you see what to optimize in the very beginning and get a basic and inconsequential understanding of some of the basic upgrades.

Hints for those that want to get to the fun part faster:

  • Trees seem better then Fertilizer until you have around 15 trees, spam the hell out of both anyway.
  • Golden leaves are the most important upgrade at this point, don’t buy it until upgrades are more expensive.
  • Nuclear power and ALBs are fairly meh until later.
  • The only tool you “need” for now is the rake.


Gold leaves are just like the regular ones except:

  • This menu has a scroll wheel, hiding a very important upgrade down below
  • There’s a portal, open it.

The portal introduces you to prestige money, a semi important currency that you kinda shouldn’t get too attached to. Why? Because it too will be reset later, along with all the upgrades in the shop.

For now, just jump in and make both leaves more valuable, because making the road to reset as fast as possible and increasing your money gains will basically be what you’ll do for the rest of the game.

Platinum to Void

The devs recommend 20 coins for your first jump into the portal because they want you to jump into your neighbor’s yard.

While it is required to progress through the game, I must warn you:

It’s a trap!

Don’t get me wrong, unlocking new leaves increases the spawn rate to a more ridiculous amount, giving you exponentially more coins. However, the very second you feel the game is starting to drag a bit before going to the next upgrade, jump in the portal and spend the gold, this will be significantly shorter if you do.

A bit of a running theme in this game is the initial uselessness of brand new items. 9 times out of 10, the reward for sticking around for the new thing will have heavily diminishing returns. Optimizing the ♥♥♥ out of the beginning grind and immediately resetting has been the fastest strategy for progressing the game so far in my experience.

Notes on prestige shop upgrades

More Leaves

Since gold is the only leaf unlock required to reset, upgrading anything but basic and gold is almost wasteful. The higher tiers have upgrades that are nice but aren’t too useful in this stage of the game

New Areas

Like I said, required to progress, but nothing special. However, buy it once and you’ll never have to buy it again, although you can.

Printer and it’s add-ons


Even for brand new leaves, this is upgrade is incredibly slow. This piece of ♥♥♥ should be thoroughly avoided like the plague and bashed in to the sound of Geto Boys.

Converters and add on-ons

Not trash, far from it.

It is required to progress, so you may as well get it. Experiment with it a bit to see if it’s better to upgrade the converter or individual leaves. Regardless, this thing is cash-money after science is done. Funnily enough new areas might be unnecessary til after science because of this thing.


Very good upgrades, possibly the best upgrades. Clicking through menus buying individual buffs wastes time that could’ve been spent enjoying it. Later in the game, these are an absolute god send.

Prestige++ and Shop Discount

Meh? I’d need to do maths to figure out when or if selecting either of these is more beneficial then basic leaf upgrades. Skip until cheaper?


Underrated, but not enough to swear by them. A single piece of fruit can skip quite a large chunk of the initial grind. PRO TIP: remember to buy the fruit for later leaves.

Quick PSA on Achievement Crystals

You can grind these out if you’d like, but honestly the only worthwhile upgrades are the tool keeping and boost to leaf value. Better to use it on cosmetics then any of the other game related things to.


Uh oh, this is a big one.

A massive timesink unless you know what to do.

Thankfully, it’s an easy 4 step plan:

  1. Upgrade leaves for faster coins.
  2. Increase converter count before doing anything else.
  3. Remember to reset and upgrade the second it drags (Damn you strange science).
  4. Don’t continue forward, crunch!

Black Science contains the Big Leaf Crunch, the second reset based upgrade system, removing your prestige upgrades (Areas don’t count). You know what I’m going to say; Just crunch that ♥♥♥ and make leaves more valuable. It sucks to lose things, but trust me, you will get everything back Tenfold. Hell, if you do it right, you’ll get everything back in 5 seconds, it is that powerful.

That said, the BLC science upgrade isn’t worth waiting around for until later (even if you idle? be careful).

Don’t put yourself through Strange Science just yet, crunch a few more times so that cranking out converter upgrades isn’t such a chore. In fact, don’t start strange until it takes literal seconds to obtain the first upgrade after unlocking it (it’ll save you hours). The only upgrade worth being patient for is BLC++ for obvious reasons, but only after pumping the converter full of gold of course.

Quick Tips

  • Prestiging is still valuable since it can increase gains at a slightly more exponential rate. Prestiging beyond 500m coins is around the stagnation point I think.
  • Remember to re-unlock special leaf fruits, they’re more valuable then you think.

The Fun Part? (BLC Upgrade Notes)

Obviously your goal at this point is to constantly reset until unlocking the area takes a minute at most.

At this point you may find yourself frantically switching between the science windows spamming the individual upgrades so that the grind goes faster.

Notes on some BLC upgrades


It’s obviously good, but it’s hard to tell if it’s better to increase leaf value or BLC value first. I’m going to argue leaves since there are BLC gain upgrades in exotic leaves, which itself increases leaf gain through seeds if you keep pumping leaf value.

Leaf Master, Converters, and Combos

These are the real top priority. Again, there are BLC gains you can buy through leaves, it’ll be faster through leaves.


Meh? Prestiging is still important, but better leaves will give you better prestiges anyway. Probably necessary, but be careful.


At this stage, fruit sucks. Even with a few upgrades and combo multiplier, a 15 leaf celestial apple will churn out 333 at x265 combo. Sounds about right now that I’m looking at it numerically. Celestial is a grind.

Bigger Bags

What the ♥♥♥ are these? You have a maximum number of leaves of each type that can be stored. The Bigger Bags upgrade increases this cap.

Science Upgrade Bot

An essential upgrade? At later points in the game, you will not be fast enough to micromanage
your science gains. 1 massive problem with this upgrade though; the bot is fairly dumb. I have no clue how it works, but for whatever retarded reason it won’t buy ANY of the individual science upgrades until it gets to strange science. That’s right, in the early stages of individual speed runs, you will still need to manually buy the higher conversion rates, cheaper conversions, etc. even though you unlocked the thing that’s supposed to do the job for you.

Since it monitors the necessary strange science upgrades, it is still worthwhile.

Coin Upgrade Bot

See above except it actually works and its more necessary. That’s right, you will no longer need to micromanage prestige bonuses, let alone buy auto unlockers to get everything to run at a decent pace in the first place.

Teleporter and Converter Bot

Ultimately unnecessary, but it is significantly less annoying when you unlock these. No more teleporting to the void on startup and no more flipping on conversions after guaranteeing the autobuyers were unlocked

Leaf Unlocker Bots

Thanks to coin upgrader, the basic leaf bot is worthless. Gold is essential since combo gain is too much micromanagement for what you already need to deal with.

Crunchy Coins

It’s a lot weaker then you think. At a prestige of 1 billion coins, you will likely crunch around 2k prestige coins at tier 2. Even at tier 2, autobuying the autobuyers that unlock leaves isn’t guaranteed (though it is very likely to happen thankfully). Necessary, but not top priority.

Celestial Grind

Welcome to the part of the guide where I can’t really help you anymore!

I can let you know the important fact that every seed and celestial upgrade stays after BLC, but I’ve otherwise got nothing but the usual resetti speedrun strat.

One very important thing to mention before you waste 1 million BLCs on a slightly disappointing area: You need at least 14 in bump damage (both cosmo and bismuth) to kill these thing. Even then it is a gamble.


  • At this point in the game, the abyss seems to be the place to grind out prestige money and BLCs actively.
  • The best place to idle may be the void since you’ll earn gold leaves faster and thus improve combo upgrades faster for when you return.
  • When you feel like attempting celestial upgrades, grind out the void for a bit so that combo and hit damage are better before going in.
  • Grinding prestige money to squeeze out more BLCs out of exotic seems to be slower then just speeding through the whole sequence and getting out of there with at least 3k (I’m almost able to get 100k now).
  • I repeat: waiting around for hours to get 500k is significantly slower then doing 5 minute speedruns that will earn you 40-120k each (even if it does feel more fun).

by Demonic Duck

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