Last Oasis – Quest: Securing Possessions (Walkthrough)

It is a walkthrough for Quest: Securing Possessions in Last Oasis.

Quest – Securing Possessions

This quest comes after a quick quest that has you build two modules on your firefly walker (which you may already have). This quest teaches you some of the most important parts of the game: storing combat-ready gear in your walker(s) and storing your walker(s) where others can’t reach them. Combat ready gear sets are known as “kits” in the PVP world. When you respawn on your walker, you respawn with these ready to fight right away.

You need to store a chest piece, a Hatchet, and some Water. Then you need to logout your walker. To do this, make sure there are no structures nearby, then press “Esc” and then “Transfer to Lobby” (you’ll get a tooltip saying why you can’t Transfer to Lobby if it’s greyed out and you mouse over the button). This safely logs out your walker and its contents, making the walker and the base packed inside immune to offline raiding.

If your Firefly is next to your Dinghy, you can step off the firefly and it will leave the server on it’s own if it doesn’t move or get attacked. Open the world map and add your firefly to your favorite walkers in the world map by clicking the heart icon at the center-bottom of the world map menu to keep your firefly permanently, otherwise it will be lost when the oasis you “transferred to lobby” from burns up.

Note: This process takes 120 seconds of no moving or combat! Safe logout also puts 80% sand in your walker’s gears, so you’ll have to re-enter the oasis and walk on non-sandy terrain in order to travel again.

If you stayed on your walker, once you log out the walker, log back in to complete the quest. On logging in, you will be on the edge of the map again and need you to travel back to your Dinghy walker.

If you got off your Firefly, the quest will complete once it disappears from the oasis to the lobby. You can go back to exploring using your Dinghy right away from there.

by Donkey Crew

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