Last Oasis – Quest: Moving Base, Nomadic Trade (Walkthrough)

This walkthrough will help you on quests of Moving Base, Nomadic Trade in Last Oasis.

Moving Base, Nomadic Trade (Walkthrough)

Quest – Moving Base

This quest teaches you the basics of building a base. Bases can be built and packed on walkers (like your Dinghy). They provide more protection for your items while you’re in a farming spot.
You need to unlock “Wooden Foundation” at minimum, then build 4 of them. This will cost you 19 Fragments, 9 for “Sand” structures, and 10 for “Light Wood” which has your foundations needed for the quest.

Press “B” to build, then select “Structure: Wood Light” then find the foundation.

Once you build 4 foundations, simply pack them up to complete the quest.

Quest – Nomadic Trade

This quest is an easy one. Go to the nearest trade station in the map you are in, and take some Stone or wood and “sell” to the station. Done. Trade stations look like this on the map when you press “M”.

When you get there, look for a box at the trade station. Press “F” on the box.

Editor’s Tip: Use your grapple to easily move around the trade station.

Go to the “Sell” tab, then sell something from your inventory. Congrats, you have now finished all quests.

Editor’s Note: There are many things in the game you can harvest for a lot of “flots” – the currency in Last Oasis. Many players specialize in this and are great to befriend.

by Donkey Crew

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