Last Oasis – Quest: Firefly Walker (Useful Tips) and Gallery

Useful tips for Quest: Firefly Walker in Last Oasis will help you. And also Walker Gallery will be showed.

Quest: Firefly Walker (Useful Tips)

Now you get to really have some fun! This quest has you build your first small mobile base called a walker. Walkers can hold everything from your campfire, to crafting stations, store your gear and resources, and more.

First, press “0” to open your tech tree and find Firefly Walker in the Walkers menu.

Build your First Walker

Wait: Before you read the following and build your walker, be very careful not to build it somewhere out in the open. If a decent PvPer sees you building, they know you have resources and that ambushing you could save themselves a lot of time. Fortunately, they can’t loot your protected items or damage your walker with a hatchet, but they can still harass you. Better yet. gather the following first to build your walker quickly: 124 Wood. 102 Fiber, 15 Stone.

Now you have to place the “hull” of the walker down. Keep in mind Walker construction isn’t instant. You have to craft multiple pieces of the Walker to complete it, so it’s vulnerable during construction. Keep your head on a swivel!

Press “B” to open the build menu and find your Firefly Walker. Then place it on the ground like you did your Campfire and Bed.

When it’s placed on the ground, you can craft the different parts of it by walking up to it and pressing “F” as long as you have the resources required for the part being crafted. You may not have all the resources for every part now, so use that Hatchet and get what you need until it’s finished.

At this point for the first time, you will need Stones as well to build your Walker. You can pick these up while running around.

Editor’s Tip: Later on, you can use Pickaxes to get stone more efficiently and from Larger Rocks. Looting Rupu camps is another option to gather some stone prior to unlocking Pickaxes.

Once you finish your Walker, be sure to notice 3 options when you walk up to it. You can select between these options by scrolling your mouse wheel. “Use” is to man the Walker and drive it around. “Open Storage” opens the Storage once you upgrade your walker’s cargo (you have no cargo at first, but we’ll get to that). “Pack Structures” is to pack things and move them around, such as your Campfire.

Editor’s Tip: While driving, you can move your Firefly fester ot the cost of Stamina by holding Shift. Larger walkers require Torque, but you won’t see Torque for a while.

Walker Gallery

There are tons of walkers in Last Oasis, many with specialty versions on top of their base designs. Here is a teaser reel of walkers the game has to offer. Keep in mind there are even more than these!





Spider Walker

Spider Walker (Ballista Version)







Proxy Walker (Claim Walker)

by Donkey Crew

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