Last Oasis – Quest: Essence of Life (Walkthrough)

This walkthrough helps on Quest: Essence of Life in Last Oasis.

Quest: Essence of Life

That Beat Stick you just crafted is now in your inventory. You can access your inventory by hitting “I”. You will see your new Beat Stick and any other gear you crafted with a red background. You can equip weapons by either right-clicking them or by dragging them to your hotbar. If you accidentally double-click, it’s on the ground in front of you.

Once the Beat Stick is in your hotbar on your active weapons (slots 1 and 2) you’re good to go. An active weapon/tool doesn’t take up inventory slots.

Beat stick is equipped in slot 1.

  • Note: When you use slots 3-9 to switch weapons/tools, the slot 2 weapon/tool is replaced by the item from slot 3-9.

Go and find some Cactus and use your Beat Stick to harvest them.

As you attack the cactus, the amount you harvested will show in the lower right.

Resources you gather are shown on the right side of the screen.

The cactus you harvested will be in your inventory. This quest asks for you to eat 8 Cactus for the Water contained inside. You can do this by right-clicking, or by adding it to your hotbar by clicking and dragging from your inventory to your hotbar and using the hotkey. For water-related items like Cactus, we recommend adding this to your hotbar.

  • Important: Note that the first row of your inventory has blue shields. Items in those inventory slots stay with you on death. Everything else will drop where you died. Fragments are also protected in any inventory slot you put them in, so keep them anywhere but the first row to protect more item stacks. All item protection is removed at level 20 or when you leave the cradle, so keep valuables like unused Fragments somewhere secure like your walker’s internal storage when you reach that point.

As you eat the Cactus, your Water level will rise. This is what keeps you alive in Last Oasis, so finding Cactus and other Water-related plants will be immensely important. Having full water gives no added benefits, but you’ll lose stamina, then health when it reaches zero.

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