Last Oasis – Quest: Cutting Trees (How to Put a Hatchet)

This guide will help you on Quest: Cutting Trees and how to put a hatchet in Last Oasis.

Quest: Cutting Trees

Like other quests, this one has you unlocking a tool – a Hatchet in this case – and then using it. A Hatchet is your most important tool in Last Oasis, they’re better than Beat Sticks both in gathering and in combat.

Press “0” to access the tech tree, then go to “Equipment” and unlock Woodcutter’s Hatchet.

Then craft a hatchet like you did other quests. Press C and find it under “Weapons”.

As before, find your hatchet in your inventory and right click or click and drag to equip. Notice now you have 2 weapons you can use. Press 1 and 2 to cycle between them. If you have tools in your hotbar, pressing a tool’s hotbar key will swap it with the tool in the 2 slot. Slot 1 should be where you put your preferred weapon.

Use your new Hatchet to go chop some palm trees and cacti. Notice with better tools, you get more resources back. Later on, you can unlock even better quality tools, and so on and so forth. Once you collect wood/Cactus the quest finishes.

by Donkey Crew

How to Put a Hatchet?

  • Open storage,
  • Press E for Upgrades,
  • Buy the Hatch upgrade,
  • Press Q and in inventory space, it is on the left side
  • Put hatchet.

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