Last Oasis – Mobs Guide (Rupu, Hermit, Nurr, etc.)

This guide will help you on all mobs (Rupus, Sentinel, Nurr, Hermit, and more…) in Last Oasis.


These are the mobs you will encounter on the easy and medium maps.

Rupu Scavenger

One of the low levels Rupus. They carry wooden sticks and deal little damage as well as having little health.

Rupu Forerunner

You will find these by their structures and generally carry a Beat Stick to fight you with. They have little health and do-little damage. They will generally drop raw materials such as rocks, Rupu Pelt, Fiber, Wood sticks, etc.

Rupu Hermit

Slightly stronger forerunner that has a Maul to fight you with. They drop common materials with the occasional Fragment.

Rupu Sentinel

Sentinels are going to be the first challenging Rupu you will face. They carry a Club and generally stick to camps. They are often at the gate entrances to larger camps and will be the first Rupu you will pull. They have a good blocking Al, but have a slow attacking weapon such as a ZAaul. Wait for the attack animation, and you can keep it stagger chained as your Axe will be faster. The Sentinels also mostly drop raw materials and Fragments.

Note: Sentinels will often come in pairs of 2.

Rupu Hazraki

Hazraki has an Axe and they attack very quickly. These hold many Fragments and can be seen dropping around 10 on average. They can be a challenge to fight as they are very aggressive and hit very hard. They can be found in camps and by themselves roaming around,, they usually have Forerunners that pull with them.

Rupu Shaman

You will primarily find Shamans in camps of 3 buildings or more. There will generally only be one., but it is possible to have 2 in the bigger camps. They carry a large 2-hand Bone Sword that can kill the unprepared very quickly if their blocking is not up to par. Abuse the animation spacing to get quick attacks in with your weapon and hopefully get a chain going. Be wan; of pulling other Rupu in the camp. They will generally drop some weapons, Fragments, and raw materials.

White Death

You will mostly encounter these Rupu in the canyons or in the forest roaming around. White Death are generally alone, but can attack very quickly as they have a one handed weapon. They can drop Fragments to basic materials.

Note: Newer players will likely find the White Death very challenging to fight and should be approached with extreme caution; this is the most dangerous Rupu Around.


High tier mobs that pack a punch. Can be found in the desert. Best to kill in a group or with siege weapons. After killing one, you can collect Chitin from the body using a Pickaxe or Hide by using an axe.

Other Mobs

There are even scarier mobs than these in the harder zones, although what’s listed above are the main types. Be safe out there!

by Donkey Crew

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