Last Oasis – How to Boost FPS (CPU Priority)

This is a guide of Last Oasis to boosting FPS and unlocking CPU Priority (How?)

How To Unlock CPU Priority?

Last Oasis will, by default, deny access when attempting to alter the client’s CPU priority in task manager. To bypass this security feature, you’ll have to tell your computer to always launch Last Oasis in your desired priority via Registry Editor. Designating a higher CPU priority to Last Oasis will usually result in FPS gain. This is due to your computer trying to reserve CPU power for other applications as well.

1. Open Windows Registry Editor

Type “run” in Windows search bar and hit enter.

Type “regedit” in Run window and click “OK”.

2. Open “Image File Execution Options”

The “Image File Execution Options”-folder can be found at:

  • Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options

You can simply copy & paste the address above into the address bar in Registry Editor.

3.1. Create a New Key

Right click “Image File Execution Options” (make sure you’ve highlighted the actual folder).

Select “New” ➔ “Key”.

Name your new key “MistClient-Win64-Shipping.exe”

3.2. Create a New Key Under “MistClient-Win64-Shipping.exe”

Right click “MistClient-Win64-Shipping.exe”.

Select “New” ➔ “Key”.

Name your new key “PerfOptions”.

4. Create a New “DWORD (32-bit) Value” Under “PerfOptions”

Right click “PerfOptions”.

Select “New” ➔ “DWORD (32-bit) Value”.

A new DWORD Value should show up inside “PerfOptions”.

Name your new DWORD Value to “CpuPriorityClass”.

5. Modify “CpuPriorityClass” & Set Desired CPU Priority

Right click “CpuPriorityClass”.

Select “Modify”.

Enter the value for your desired CPU priority:

  • 1 = Idle.
  • 2 = Normal (Default).
  • 3 = High (Highly recommended).
  • 4 = RealTime (will cause bottlenecking if the client starts halting).
  • 5 = Below Normal.
  • 6 = Above Normal (Recommended if you’re experiencing mouse tracking issues during “High” priority, you may also decrease your mouse polling rate to not overwhelm your CPU).

Click “OK” and relaunch Last Oasis.

Everytime you launch Last Oasis from now on, the client will run in your desired CPU priority state.

by McBenis


  • Go to Settings: Graphics
  • Make like that:
Resolution Scale
Visual Effects
View Distance
Post Processing
Motion Blur
  • And then go to “User/Username/AppData/Mist/ Saved/ Config/Windows Client”.
  • Do it like that:

Framerate Limit: 144.0000

HDRDisplay: False

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