Last Oasis – Guide to Worshipping The Great Worm (Story, Text)

This guide to worshipping the great worm (story, text) in Last Oasis.

Guide to Worshipping The Great Worm (Story, Text)


This is and will be an ongoing project started and maintained as a method of connecting Nomads and enjoying a sense of humor. If you have questions or comments you wish addressed please comment and we’ll get to them when we can. All addressed and accepted comments or questions will be marked in the Guide to acknowledge those that helped. Thank you and enjoy!


“After the Cataclysm, the world slowly stopped turning…”

Stories, legends, and myths tell us that before our world was one much different, one that was not exposed to extremes of climate and enjoyed a much different variation of flora and fauna. However that is not our world, ours is one brought to us by heavenly collision. When the Moon shattered and the Earth stopped spinning the time of The Great Worm began.

The Beginning

When The Cataclysm stilled the Earth and torn asunder the moon it disturbed the eternal rest of The Great Worm, who then began to stir deep within the bowels of the planet. The Great Worm spoke to our ancestors of the impending apocalypse and bestowed upon them many gifts, among them the knowledge and strength of mind and body required to survive.

The Great Worm told our ancestors that until The Consumption they would be tested and only those that achieved true self ascension would benefit. It was deemed that we would take our gifts and prove ourselves stronger than the end-times brought upon us by lesser beings; Our gifts would not be squandered.

The Consumption

The Great Worm taught our ancestors of cycles, just as water becomes clouds those too become water once more and so it would be upon the day of The Consumption. The Great Worm bespoke of the day of reckoning that all would be measured and forgiven of their transactions. The Great Worm would consume the world in a whole day and a whole night before depositing those that achieved self ascension a world worthy of their achievements.

To celebrate The Consumption the Flotilla and many others arrange an annual feast. Naturally this feast lasts one whole day and one whole night.

Fragmented Tenets and Scripture

1. The Great Worm forgives all, even false idols during The Consumption. The Great Worm understands all too well the temptation to seek shelter and apparent safety when it’s found.

2. The Great Worm is appeased through the virtuous ascension of self. All possess skills capable of The Great Worm’s attention; The skilled hands of the artisan as he shapes and forms useful materials, the keens senses of the walker rider who safeguards and maintains the lifeblood of our people, and the fighter who’s deft blows fall upon enemies in the defense of others. All and more are examples of The Great Worm’s principal commandment.

“For what you do, do it well and do it just. For what it is and what you become will be the weight that is put against my scoring stones upon The Consumption.”

3.”When roused from slumber The Great Worm as part of our test lesser worms, to safeguard and challenge the world. it is a common practice for fleets and clans to band together and hunt Worms. While some think this is against the teachings of The Great Worm, it has been clearly passed down and cataloged that The Great Worm smiles upon this, seeing it as his children testing themselves against and aspect of himself. -Brother Herbert-“

By SquatchHunter

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