Langrisser I & II – Killing General Guide

The general generates less exp so you need tips for general. This guide will help you on killing the general in Langrisser I & II.

Killing General Guide

If you kill just the general you miss out on ALL the exp for the troops that die with him.
Its generally advised to kill a large portion or all of his troops first before killing the enemy commander.

But there are some exceptions, in some scenarios where you have to rush or protect someone it can be wise to go for the commanders right away.
But usually its better to clear their troops first.

In the original versions of these games, it was more serious since you missed out on a ton of exp and there is no way to replay stages without cheats.

This version lets you replay chapters as often as you want so you can grind for exp. So it’s not as big a deal here if you go right for the commanders.

But i still would recommend defeating the troops first, its just more fun and you don’t need to replay stages later to get your commanders up to snuff.

by ogami

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