Langrisser I & II – Chapter 6 Walkthrough

This walkthrough will help you in chapter 6 in Langrisser I & II.

Chapter 6 Walkthrough

Its the “Temple of Muscle” an extra stage with the mascot characters of “Cho-Aniki” another game made by the original developer of Langrisser, Masaya.

To access the stage, you need to move Elwin in front of the broken statue ( second from the left) at the top. He will comment that he found a button, choose to press it and a door will open on the left side.

You have to move in front of the door, also with Elwin. He will comment that he wants to explore it later.

After the battle is finished you get to choose to explore what’s behind the door, leading to the secret level.

There are a few of those in Langrisser 2, you can see them on the story tree by a downward – – – – – – – – – line.

Always means somewhere on the map is a place to trigger the entrance.
HAS to be done with Elwin, always.

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