Krunker – How to Get KR (Steps)

A guide on how to get KR in Krunker.

How to Get KR (Steps)

What is KR?

KR is currency in Krunker, you can buy with it skins, graffiti, premium and more. U wanna get some of it?

First Step

First way is playing krunker on OFFICIAL servers. If u play on custom servers u will not get kr (not so many). You can play on “challange mode” which makes playing harder (50% hp, hp dont regen) but it give us 150% of normal KR for game. (If u get 10 KR, on “challenge mode” u will get 15 etc.)

Second Step

Second way is investing/sniping/selling skins.

Investing– You have to buy some skins and sell it with profit (when u sell skins u must pay fee so if u buy skins for 50 u have to sell it for 60-65 to profit).

Sniping – Some people sell their Legendary or Relic (yellow and red) skins really cheap. If you snipe it, u will get profit for mostly 400 KR if Legendary and 900 if Relic.

Selling skins – If you get skins that you dont use, just sell or quicksell it. For example I do 100 KR from only green skins that I dont use.

Third Step

Giveaways. Some of people just do giveaways on krunker hub/ Instagram (Krunker account on Instagram, they are giveawaying thousands of KR). In krunker hub you can join in giveaways and dont pay for it. Just follow and like post. I recommend to use Krunker hub – It’s really useful!

By Nietoopi

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