Kingdoms Reborn – How to Create Base City in 3-5 Years

Creation of a self-sufficient base city (Kingdoms Reborn) in 3-5 game years.

How to Create Base City in 3-5 Years


Hello, my little fans of extremism strategies and city-building simulators.

Before us is a very interesting game that will somewhat resemble the series ANNO (its first origins, 1400-1700), Banished and Caesar III (Oldy, hello). At the same time, some of the mechanics even resemble the good old Settlers.

There are two main differences from these games:

The first is the presence of a set of cards, which are buildings in our settlement.

The second is the fertility of the mail for each piece of land.

The game is in early access, but this is only visible in the game menu and in the incomplete left panel during the game.

So, let’s begin.

I recommend choosing a small to medium sized card first.

AI put 0 or 1 (now its intelligence is equal to a negative value, this is the norm if the AI ​​settlement will starve to death in a few years, and not the norm if you die before it)

The Choice Of Location For The Foundation Of The Settlement.

After loading the map, the first step is to look around.

Sometimes the world is generated poorly, so it’s easier to recreate the game.

(Recommended settings: small map size, sea level LOW, AI 1 – the rest is by default)

Biomes at the top and bottom of the map (with snow) are very cold regions where the temperature is low and very cold in winter (tundra cells)

Build settlements on them I do not recommend from the word at all.

The most optimal is next to the main resources (primarily coal + iron) and cotton, hemp, dyes, etc. the more useful resources nearby, the better.

A nice bonus will be the presence of gold or a gem, but this is not necessary at first.

And so, let’s take a look at the map:

All basic resource requirements are met by the right half of the continent.

Let’s take a closer look:

Arrows indicate resources, note that the arrows come from the sector, which should become the center of the settlement.

(not the starting location, but the center of our city)

The very first location for the foundation of the settlement should have as little fertility as possible, as many trees as possible in the location itself and / or in neighboring ones, as well as an extended coastline (this is important in order to catch fish):

Foundation Of The Settlement

An important part to start your game.

Your survival (exactly survival) depends on how competently you distribute the resources, for the first 1-2 seasons, we press Select Starting Location And we see a menu with the main resources: Food (in this case, oranges) Wood (building material and fuel) Medicines Iron Instruments Stone (building material) After them the price and quantity are indicated, which we can change I recommend as many medicines and instruments as possible. The rest is mine. Wood and food are the backbone of the economy throughout the game. The ability to make medicines and tools – opens over time:

Added some wood, medicines and tools, and removed food (but not less than 150 units). You don’t have to touch the stone.

We put the town hall (TownHall) Approximately 4-5 cells from the coast. If you put the town hall close to the water, you cannot then build a fisherman’s hut. Also, make sure that the construction does not affect (or affect as few palms and fruit trees as possible). If everything is in order, we build … … and you will immediately have a choice of several base maps. (immediately pause the game, you can press the spacebar) From the cards, I recommend choosing what will bring income or reduce costs (books for buildings) From the cards to choose from: wheat seeds / income +30 / trading post Selected income +30:

Next, select the town hall and select the card itself – it fits into the card slot. Congratulations. We have established a settlement. =)

The first steps in the development of the settlement

The guide is under development.

New information and descriptions are added every day.

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