Kingdom Under Fire 2 – 12 Tips (How to Earn Gold Easily)

This guide shows 12 tips to earning gold fastly and easily in Kingdom Under Fire 2.

12 Tips to Earning Gold Fastly

1. Gear Repairs

Repairs costs are insane, going above 100k with legendary gear. Don’t repair using gold. Use coupons from the daily quests in accolade from crafting. If you run out of coupons get a couple from the cubic store.

2. Troop AP

Not that expensive until you will start having a high-rank purple army. If you are running blue units use gold. And save coupons. If you switch to purples 4+ star use coupons you get from beating subjugation mission for a daily quest in accolade

3.Enchantment Stones

For dismantling gear, you get 10 stones for every +1 for gear lv20+. enchanting green gear uses 3 stones for each +1. I’ll let figuring out rest to you:)

4.Units Skills

Don’t upgrade them to maximum. Prices are very high, up to 0.5mln if I remember correctly giving you the minor advantage. Unless you are drowning in gold keep them 4 or 5 /7.
Also, some skills at 4-5* Replace your starting skills. check if you are investing in a skill that you will be using in the future.

5. Goblins Nest

Doing gold run really pays off. don’t ever skip it. Its actually worth to get second char just for running goblin mission. for 5min/day he will get you 700k/week profit. Zerker is good, spellsword mediocre. I don’t have ranger but my guess( only guess) is that ranger is op there.

6. Join Decent Guild

In the good guild, you can actually skip dark stone gear and blue units. Your guild will speedrun your quests to unlock raid, will get you raid gear asap, and will get you purple op raid units. Buy purple units using troop coins( that can be earned from subjugations or crack) and upgrade them using crack crystals. Longswordsman and rifleman are good choices.
I would recommend my guild but I need to ask guild master for permission first.
The decent guild will also teach you how to do raids with a minimum amount of people.

7. Lucky Merchant

Every day buy everything from her. Enough said.

8. Have Gold and Silver Boosters On.


9. Unknown Corridor.

It’s better to get S rank in medium difficulty than A in hell. 2x week it will get you 90k gold. If you see you won’t get S rank to move your hero away from combat, press ESC and leave. As long you won’t complete it you can try again.

10. Crack

To get max shards or crystals you need to do many runs. You want to aim for having 190 or 195/200 then do lv 6. That’s 10+ crack missions/day. You need at least 1 good player in team to make it fast. 10 crack missions give tons of gold. Some people after getting max crack actually farm lv 3 just for gold. Don’t skip it.

11. Daily Quests

3x hard mission? forget it. Tomb of ancestors? forget it. secluded scarp? forget it.
We all want to be fast. DO:

  • -extreme mission ( once a day)
  • -3x subjugation(once a day, just coz of separate daily accolade quest for troop revival coupon)
  • -2x clear crack mission(once a day)
  • -clear unknown corridor( once a day)
  • -Tomb of dragons( as many times/day as you need) fastest climax mission, juggernauts at 1st boss love to get bugged though, sometimes you just need to vote and restart.
  • – train troops 5x or enchant gear 5x. Reward for these to are lower, but if you are in rush do them.

If you have nothing Interesting on your daily quests tab you can refresh it for 2k gold. worth it.

12. Use Your Brain

This is a strategy game. Keep thinking how to do content faster, smoother and with less people that game lets you( to keep more loot)

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