Kingdom Rush Vengeance – Towers and Mercenaries Guide (How to Get Achievements)

This is towers and mercenaries guide (how to get achievements) for Kingdom Rush Vengeance.

Towers and Mercenaries

Oh my God!

Starting from level “7. Northern Outpost” on the maps you can find huts of Troll mercenaries. To get the achievement, you need to hire any troll 5 times


At level “13. Outpost in the Silver Forest” there are 2 nests, from which spiders periodically appear. For achievement we need to summon 200 insects – to speed up we improve the skill “Spider”

Soldiers of fortune

To get the achievement, you need to at level “15. Camp of the Radiant” you need to hire 50 mercenaries in the caravan – spending will be at least 1500 gold coins

They are coming!

Tower “Archers of Shadows”, skill “Crow’s Nest”. The damage is not very fast, but not too slow) Personally, I went through the second chapter only with this tower and by the end of the chapter the achievement was already received.

Number of the Beast

Tower “Infernal Mage”, skill “Portal to Hell”. We try to place the tower closer to the respawn of enemies in order to transfer them in batches.

Show me your battle grin

Tower “Lair of Orc Warriors”, skill “Title of Captain”. If you didn’t get this achievement during the game, you can take any last level, put this tower on all the money, call captains, sell, etc.

Double afterburner

Tower “Goblins on a Rocket”, skill “Nitro Boost”. If you put 1 tower with this skill at each level – by the end of the passage you will have the achievement)

Try this!

Tower “Dark Knights”, skill “Brutal strike”. Knights almost never die, and 81 times to pierce 6% chance when attacking (at level 3 abilities) is not difficult

Artificial logs

Smelter Tower, Burning Fuel skill. We charge the stove with nuclear fuel 88 times and get the achievement (:

Defenders of the night

Haunted Crypt Tower, Guardian Gargoyles skill. As a maximum, you will need to build this tower 7 times and improve the ability with gargoyles. Just

Not bees!

Tower “Cave Goblins”, skill “Wrong Bees”. I recommend doing it at levels where weak opponents go in droves (for example, Valkyries surrounded by savages, who will then rise up as draugrs, etc.) – for one use of the skill, you can gain 10-15 kills

Skeleton War

Tower “Bony Throwers”, skill “Walking Dead”. To speed up the achievement, I recommend setting this tower from the very beginning of the level, and at least once taking the required skill – then a skeleton will appear every 16 seconds. At the second level, the cooldown is reduced to 12 seconds

Ultra Instinct

Tower “Elite Tormentors”. By default, fighters have a 30% chance to dodge a melee attack. Additionally, this chance can be increased up to 50% with the “Backstab” skill. Considering that this is the best barracks in the game (huge evasion chance, long-range attack, good damage) there should be no problems with achieving

Lightning strike

Orc Shaman Tower. Achievement for auto attack damage, lol. With the damage of 35-190 tier 4 towers, as well as the chance of magic towers for double damage, the achievement is earned well ooooooo fast.

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