Kingdom Rush Vengeance – Comprehensive Achievement Guide (How to Get All)

This is comprehensive achievement guide (how to get all) in Kingdom Rush Vengeance.

How to Get All Achievements

Feels good to be back

Complete level “1. Dwarven Gate” with 3 starts (not the tutorial one xD).

Far over the misty mountains

Level “1. Dwarven Gate”. Press the keyhole on a mountain when moon shine on it. A reference to “The Lord of the Rings”.


Level “2. Corridors of the Old City”. Click on 3 armadillos.

Final destination

Level “3. Kazan Mines”. Destroy 3 mine carts with enemies.

Mine cart carnage

Level “3. Kazan Mines”. On wave 3 or 4 you may spot two carts instead of one (with a dinosaur and a gorilla). Click on the dinosaur to get the achievment. A reference to the “Donkey Kong” series.


Again level “3. Kazan Mines”. Click on the moles when they jump out of a holes.

No survivors I-III

Kill everyone you can! Quite easy, I got this before I finished chapter 2.


Level “4. Golden Brewery”. Make Barney drink 3 beers. A reference to “The Simpsons”.

I’ll be back

Level “5. Clockwork Factory”. Click on a thumbs up in the molten metal. A reference to the “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”.

My precious!

Level “5. Clockwork Factory”. Click on the ring, click on the Gollum – he jumps to the ring, click 3 more times on the Gollum. Again, a reference to “The Lord of the Rings”.

Go green or go home

Sell 20 towers. Simple.

We can build it!

Build 80 any towers.

Gotta go fast

Call 15 waves early.


You can get this achievment at the chapter 1. Kill 80 Chompbots.

Can’t touch this

If the engineers are killed, stunned or forced into combat while repairing a machine, they will stop repair and machine will be destroyed.

Curse me kilts!

Level “6. Bolgur’s Throne”. Click on a wiggling pile of gold. A reference to the “DuckTales”.

No more parties in DK

Levels to complete (with 3 starts):

  • 1. Dwarven Gate
  • 2. Corridors of the Old City
  • 3. Kazan Mines
  • 4. Golden Brewery
  • 5. Clockwork Factory
  • 6. Bolgur’s Throne

I am iron man

Complete level “6. Bolgur’s Throne”.

Not my tempo

Level “7. Northerners’ Outpost”. Click 3 or 4 times on a horn in the middle of the level.

Oh my god!

Level “7. Northerners’ Outpost”. Hire 5 Trolls.

You didn’t see nothing

Level “8. Frozen Rapids”. You should find 4 disguised penguins. A reference to the “Madagascar” series.

Let it go!

Level “7. Northerners’ Outpost”. Click on a snowman – it will start dancing – click again. A reference to the “Frozen” film.

Hold the door

Level “9. Northerners’ Village”. Click very hard on the door behind Hodor. A reference to “A Song of Ice and Fire” and “Game of Thrones”.

My watch begins

You can easily do this at level “10. Dragons’ Boneyard” – Iron challenge: there is plenty of white walkers (;

We are legion!

Spawn 1,500 reinforcements with “Demon Goonies” skill.

Ice sculptor

Level “10. Dragons’ Boneyard”. Break the ice from 25 frozen towers.

Eternal bones

Level “10. Dragons’ Boneyard”. Collect the skull and 5 bones.

How to tame your dragon

Complete level “11. Jokull’s Nest”.

Lord of winter

Levels to complete (with 3 starts):

  • 7. Northerners’ Outpost
  • 8. Frozen Rapids
  • 9. Northerners’ Village
  • 10. Dragons’ Boneyard
  • 11. Jokull’s Nest

Champion of the arena

Reach level 10 with Veruk. A bit easier with “Special training” updrage – same for next 2 achievements.

Mistress of shadows

Reach level 10 with Asra.

Mischievous demons

Reach level 10 with Oloch.

Kill Joe Jenkins

Level “12. Otil Farmlands”. Explode all farmer’s sheeps. A reference to famous Leeroy Jenkins who has his own legendary card in “Hearthstone” (:

Smashing pumpkins

Level “12. Otil Farmlands”. Smash all 10 pumpkins (start with small ones).

Corageous and caring

Level “13. Silveroak Outpost”. Click on 3 wooden doors when they starts to open. A reference to the “Adventures of the Gummi Bears”.


Level “13. Silveroak Outpost”. Get “Spiderlings” upgrade to speed up.

Join the dark side

Level “14. City of Lozagon”. Break all the streetlamps (there are 11 of them).

I’m Root

Level “15. Lightseeker Camp”. Click on a small root near a Caravan. A reference to the “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

Soldiers of fortune

Level “15. Lightseeker Camp”. Hire 50 mercenaries – you will need 1500+ gold.

The true king

Complete level “16. Denas’s Castle”.

Rightful owner

Levels to complete (with 3 starts):

  • 12. Otil Farmlands
  • 13. Silveroak Outpost
  • 14. City of Lozagon
  • 15. Lightseeker Camp
  • 16. Denas’s Castle

Unlimited power!

The best way to earn this achievment is Iron challenge on level “14. City of Lozagon”. Get all upgrades for “Soul Impact”. Sheeps die with one hit and you get huge cooldown reduction. I got 1000+ kills with one run (:

They’re coming!

Tower: Shadow Archers. Ability: Crow’s Nest. A bit boring. I played whole chapter 2 with only this tower and got achievment by the end of chapter.

Number of the beast

Tower: Infernal Mage. Ability: Infernal Portal. Try to place this tower next to enemy spawn in order to teleport several enemies at once.

Show me your war face

Tower: Orc Warriors Den. Ability: Captain Promotion. If you didnt get this, start a 16 level, place this tower, get captain, sell it. Repeat [X] times.

2Fast 2Furious

Tower: Goblin Rocket Riders. Ability: Nitro Boosters. Nitro Boosters is the cheapest and likely most useful skill of the Rocket Riders, maximizing their range, and making sure that the rocket deals high damage.

Feast on this!

Tower: Dark Knights. Ability: Brutal Strike. Knights are very tough, so its easy to trigger their ability with 2-6% chance on attack.

Presto logs

Tower: Melting Furnace. Ability: Burning Fuel. Use the advanced burning fuel on your furnaces.

Defenders of the night

Tower: Specters Mausoleum. Ability: Guardian Gargoyles. Build 7 towers with level 2 ability (:

Not the bees!

Tower: Goblirangs. Ability: Angry Bees. Best way is to do it on a level where many weak enemies (for example Valkyries with Wildling: they summon Draugrs when Wildlings die).

The skeleton war

Tower: Bone Flingers. Ability: The Walking Dead. To maximaize profit – place this tower on wave 1 – it will spawn skeletons every 16 sec (12 sec with the second uprage).

Ultra insinct

Tower: Elite Harassers. Optional ability: Backstab. A duo of Elite Twilight Warriors, who have a 30% chance to dodge melee attacks. You can increase it up to 50%.


Tower: “Orc Shaman”. Deal a total of 5000 damage to enemies with the basic attack, lul. Since the tower has 35-190 damage per hit on tier 4, this is a super-fast achievement.

From zero to hero

Win all the Heroic challenges. Level difficulty doesnt matter.


Win all the Iron challenges. If you have problems with this – try Casual difficulty.

Supreme defender

Complete the Campaign on Veteran difficulty.

Peerless defender

Complete the Campaign on Impossible difficulty. Hint: you will only unlock Impossible difficulty after you complete level 16. So you can complete first playthrough on Casual difficulty, test towers and heroes, enjoy the game. Then go through on Impossible difficulty and get both Peerless and Supreme defender achievements.

My setup for this:

  • Hero
    • Eiskalt
  • Towers
    • Goblirangs
    • Elite Harassers
    • Blazing Gem
    • Swamp Thing
    • Deep Devil’s Reef

I didnt have any problems – all levels with 20 lives on first try. But you dont need 3 stars for this achievments – you just need to complete levels 😉

None of my business

Level “17. Maginicia Shores”. Click on the frog. A reference to the “Kermit the Frog” – Sesame Street and meme character.

Glory to the Hypnotoad

Level “18. Anurian Plaza”. Click on the toad. A reference to the “Futurama” show.

Crossy froggy

Level “19. Pond of the Sage”. Help the frog to cross the road.

Much to learn

Complete level “19. Pond of the Sage”.

Find cap

Level “20. Breaking the Ice”. Click on the Captain’s shield. A reference to the “Avengers”.

Get away from that!

Level “21. Into the Mountains”. If you don’t feel sorry for the doggy, click on it :'( A reference to the “The Thing” movie.

Ski free

Level “22. The Frozen Throne”. Click on the skier (he will appear on the road) to stop him and help Yeti.

More than a legend

Complete level “22. The Frozen Throne”.

Too late?

Level “23. Back To The Rotten Forest”. Collect 3 white notes in the forest, then click 2-3 times on the Slenderman.

The gill-man

Level “24. A Night In The Swamp”. What can happen with a pretty girl, who chill on the swamp? Alone. At Night. A reference to the old movie “Creature from the Black Lagoon”.

Blackburn returns

Level “25. The Ancient Ghosts”. Collect all five pieces of Blackburn’s Armor.

Gratz! You have all achievements.

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