King of Crabs – Useful Tips for Starters

These useful tips for starters of King of Crabs will help you.

King of Crabs

Fight to become the biggest crab on the island!

Intense real-time multiplayer action. Up to 100 players per game. A huge island world is waiting to be explored and conquered. Join the onslaught: Scrap, scavenge and slaughter your way through waves of crustaceans. Can you become the King of Crabs? Climb to the top of the leader-board to prove you’re the mightiest crab in the land!

Collect a weird and wonderful variety of species of Crabs. Discover advanced skills and collect unique skins. Upgrade and customize them to help you climb the ranks.

Find an array of crazy and deadly weaponry to help skew the odds in your favour. Incredibly detailed 3D graphics, animation and sound make the experience come alive.

Test your worth in the intense PvP game modes.

Look out for new Crabs, skins, maps, special events and games modes in the future.

Useful Tips for New Starters

After you died, please check your trophies in Rank. Collect your trophies.

Upgrade your crabs (skills, upgrades, etc.) on Edit (press on your crab).

The moment you see the big crabs, run away elsewhere. Don’t mess with them!

Try to attack by looking at the weapons of online users.

You can attack crabs that are not online, but try to attack them with weapons you get from boxes.

Looking at the map in the upper right corner, try to go where the boxes are, because guns, shields and health come out in these boxes.

Do not go to the regions where there are King Crap if you are not King!

Be careful crabs having this weapon:

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  1. Another huge tip is to make sure to play the game on mobile as well as your steam account on pc or console since the mobile app allows you to watch a ton of ads for extra lives, loot, skill points, crab pulls, mega magnets etc.

    Last patch as a sad, sad day when they nerfed magnets to cost only pearls now.

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