KATANA KAMI A Way of the Samurai Story – Useful Tips (Controls, Items, Sheathing)

A quick guide on controls, items, sheathing, vitality, katana time) shows useful tips for KATANA KAMI A Way of the Samurai Story.

Useful Tips

Basic Controls 1

When you unsheathe your sword, you can aTtack.

  • Weak Attack (LMB)
  • Strong Attack (RMB)

There are destructible environments in Jikai.

You should -try breaking -things everywhere you go.

Basic Controls 2

When fighting enemies, you have to not only attack but also evade or defend.

  • Parry (Guard)
  • Evade (Step)

Utilize these actions to defeat the enemies.


You should be prepared to unsheathe your sword at any time.

  • Unsheathe/Sheathe (F)

However, when your sword is unsheathed, your movement speed decreases or you can appear -threatening to people, Pt’s not all good.

When you are in a safe area, rt’s best that you keep your sword sheathed.

HP and Vitality

While exploring, always be mindful of your [HP] and [Vitality].


You will die when this goes to O. When you sheathe your sword and stay still, you will consume Vitality as you slowly regenerate.


Consumed when doing strenuous actions like a+tacking. This will also be used to regenerate HP.

When your Vitality stays at O for too long, something terrible will happen.

How to Use Items?

You can use items -to get -through danger. Items can not only be used but thrown as well.

You can use items from the Pause Screen, but when you’re in a rush, you can use shortcuts.

  • Scroll – Select
  • E – Use
  • Q- Throw

Katana Time 1 and Orb

When you defeat enemies in 3ikai, they can drop objects of light-called [Orbs].

[Orbs] can be accumulated to charge up the [Orb Gauge] on the bottom of the screen. By accumulating the Orbs, you can unleash the powerful [katana Time].

I charged up your [Orb Gauge] to show it to you, so try using it?

  • Hold and press Q to unleash.

[Orbs] will not accumulate when you do not have a sword equipped.

Katana Time 2 and Orb

While in [ka-tana Time], you will gain many benefits: your sword will not break, you will move faster, you will have super armor, and your Vitality will no1 go down.

The [Orb Gauge] can charge up to 3 levels, making it stronger as it goes up.

On Level 3, you can unleash [Secret Aris], special moves that change depending on your sword stance.

Experience and Level

You can gain [Experience. Points] by defeating monsters in Oikai to raise your [Level].

When your [Level] goes up, it will increase your maximum HP and Vitality.

However, it will be back to normal when you return to the surface, so proceed with caution.

You will have to repay the debt in installments.

Check the “days remaining” and “debt balance” and be sure -to prepare enough money by the deadline.

When your repayment is late, Beniya will get mad at you.

But if you play your cards right. he might forgive you for it.


GJ hen you sleep on your [bed], you can advance time from day -to night or night today.

If you have nothing to do, are tired, or just don’t want to do anything, sleeping through the day is a valid option.

Make Money with Requests

You will receive [Quests] from people in need.

Complete -these [Quests] to get rewards such as money or items.

You can go to the Pause Screen or -the bulletin board next to the

Smith to check what is available. It’s recommended that you check this often.

[Quests], as a basic rule, will update every morning. Quests you could not complete will be discarded the next day.


Thanks for reading. I know this is not a comprehensive guide for tips but I hope I will post extended one.

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