Journey – %100 Achievements (How to Get)

This %100 achievements guide will help you on how to get them in Journey.

%100 Achievements (How to Get)

To get some of these achievements, you need to complete the game several times anyway.

Connecting to players by chance. They can be anywhere in the location.

If you want to connect to a specific person, then just go through the path to the next chapter at the same time, give signs, being in any chapter.

Intersection: You need to get to the credits in the company of someone. I think it can be done with the person whom you met only in the sixth chapter. Just keep up with each other.

Satellite: Accomplished with the achievement

Intersection: You need to go through the game (best from the beginning of the first chapter with the bridge to the final credits). It will be easier if you play with a person you know. If there are none, then just keep up with the first person you come across (if, of course, he didn’t go through the choice of chapters. Then after passing the chapter he will leave).

Miracle: Meet 10 DIFFERENT players for all adventures. You can just wait until your current satellite leaves for the next chapter, and if you are lucky, they will connect a new one to you.

Thinking: You just need to stand still and not move. It would be better if you can somehow agree. Not all people they meet will stand still, even for 20 seconds.

Start – Chapter Selection

Special achievements:


Here is the beginning of the collection of characters and plates.

After you have been shown the name of the game, go straight to this building. It will have the first character. Turn this way and go until you reach … this building. Inside will be the first stove. From there, go to the chapter selection site. Climb onto this tower and look at the small tower nearby. There is a symbol on it. On the opposite side there will be another symbol.

Chapter One – The Bridge

Special achievements:

Threshold: Walk along the destroyed bridge, NOT patching it with pieces of cloth. Performed in a white cloak. About her at the end of the manual. Collect all the characters that were in the locations before the bridge, so that you had enough charge to fly.

Once you have entered this chapter, turn around like this. A symbol will be visible in the distance. After passing from the past symbol to another part of the bridge, look into a cave streamlined by sand. There is a symbol inside. It can be seen if you come closer. Go here. The screenshot shows a symbol on a hill with falling sand. Release the fabric nearby and it will throw you up to it. Pass through the sand from the bottom of this hill, another plate will be waiting for you. If you have a white cloak, you can complete the achievement Threshold . Just skip it all.

Chapter Two – The Desert

Special achievements:

Cognition: Need to free all tissue? Stingrays? at this location. Mirage – Find in the desert a reference to the game Flower from the same studio. Go straight and free the first ramp. He will lead you to the following secrets, so you should follow him. Once freed, go around that way. After some time, the ramp will fly after you and point the way to … this building with a symbol and another ramp. Take the symbol and free the ramp. Both of these ramps will fly to the next place with their brothers. You need to look carefully at this stage. Following them, you need to notice here such an object. Stepping closer, you will see that it is a flower. Sing next to him and get: Mirage

In this place you need to free a lot of stingrays. They will lead you to this building with a stove. Move away from the stove, then the ramps will fly to the next place. Namely, to this tower. There will be a symbol at the top. Nearby is a locked ramp. Move away from this place NOT to the side of the mountain. Then the ramps will fly to another locked comrade, next to which there will be a stove. Now the ramps will fly to the mountain. Follow them, BUT look out for this building on the right. Come closer, look at the sky and wait a bit. After some time, a symbol will appear on it. Go further in the story. Free these stingrays. Go left here. Get a character. If you have singled out all the rays, then during the transition to the next chapter you will receive: Cognition

Chapter Three – Slope

Special achievements:

Adventure: Ride through 15 arches.

Here are these:

ATTENTION! In this chapter you can’t just go back and collect what you missed!

After the first character we go like this and abruptly turn here. When you are in this corridor, get ready to fly to the symbol. Here is this symbol. Do not miss. From the place with the symbol, go in this direction to the cave, next to which a lot of small fabric flies. There will be a stove. The path to the third character: Get ready. On this ledge, you need to shout to the ramps to throw them to the right place (Sometimes they crookedly throw up. Get ready to jump in this case). Do not miss the symbol. If you have collected the required number of arches, then even before falling into the hole they will give you: Adventure When you fall into the hole, go left. There will be a stove.

Chapter Four – The Sunken City

Special achievements:

Challenges: Complete the chapter without losing your scarf.

The first symbol is here, in this inclined broken part of the corridor. In this corridor bunch, fly right to the upper right. From far away you can see the glow of the symbol. If you look closely, you can see a chain of jellyfish, going up. Fly over them to the symbol. When they show you a scene where the machine catches fabric, go here. There will be a stove. Walk along the left edge of the corridor, then you will not be noticed. When you get to the entrance guarded by two cars, check the presence of the symbol here. If you do not get cars, get: Tests

Chapter Five – The Temple

Special achievements:

Forerunners: Find a secret creature.

After raising the level of “water”, fly from here to the left ledge of the tower, to which barely barely touches the “water”. There is a symbol. When you raise the level of “water” a second time, fly to this place. There will be a corridor with a symbol. You can raise the level of “water” higher if you can not jump. Raise the water level a third time. Remember where the big slaves came up from. This will be needed later. The place of the fourth rise in the level of “water”. You can simply jump behind the symbol from here. Now swim to where the fish came from. There will be a stove right in the middle of the room. Go beyond the curtains, then you will see the last character and creature. Sing to this creature, then you will receive:

Outrageous: Collect all characters.

Chapter Six – The Ascent

Special achievements:

Rebirth: Just complete the game before the credits.

Go, go, until you come to this room: From above there will be pieces of fabric that will throw you to the stove. Keep to the left edge here. Then you will safely reach the cave with the stove. Great, now you have collected all the plates and received: History


All that remains is: Return – Just go into the game in a week (Or transfer the time). After you collect all the symbols, a white cloak will be available to you. Its features are that you have a long scarf from the very beginning, and the charge for jumping accumulates while you are standing on the ground. You can change in the chapter selection location. And, and after each passage, new patterns will appear on your cloak. After the third passage you will have all the patterns.

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