Jagged Alliance 3 – Secret Mine Tips for Profit and Success

Discover secret tips for managing the diamond mine in Jagged Alliance 3, including selling archaeological treasures for additional income. Learn how to handle the gradual depletion of the mine and secure a second mine for sustained profits. Prepare for intense battles like Biff’s rescue and the refugee camp, ensuring your mercenaries are well-equipped and ready for the challenges ahead. Gain valuable insights to optimize your gameplay and maximize your chances of success.

Secret Mine Tips

When it comes to the diamond mine in sector H7 in Jagged Alliance 3, there are a few important tips to keep in mind. Firstly, within the mine, you can find several archaeological treasures that can be sold directly from your inventory, providing additional income.

It’s essential to manage your finances wisely because the mine’s profitability gradually diminishes over time until it becomes completely depleted. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to secure a second mine as soon as possible, such as the one located in A2 in the northwest. Be proactive and acquire the additional mine when you receive a message regarding dwindling yields.

There are specific battles in the game that are particularly intense and challenging. For example, Biff’s rescue mission in E11 involves multiple waves of enemies, including mortar fire. Shortly after that, you will be summoned to the refugee camp in E9, where the intensity continues. It’s crucial to prepare well for both of these battles by ensuring your mercenaries are in good physical condition and equipped with fully functional weapons. Take the time to strategize and equip your team appropriately for these demanding encounters.

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