Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Train and Boost Mercenaries Stats

Maximize your training potential in Jagged Alliance 3 with our comprehensive guide. Learn efficient strategies to train your mercenaries, from initial training tips to hiring the right specialists. Whether you’re using Forgiving Mode or not, our guide provides step-by-step instructions and optimal training plans. Take your squad to the next level and dominate the battlefield!

A Comprehensive Guide to Training Mercenaries in Jagged Alliance 3: Tips and Strategies


Welcome to our in-depth guide on training mercenaries in Jagged Alliance 3. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the most efficient ways to train your mercenary squad, including valuable tips and strategies. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this guide will help you maximize your training potential.

Section 1: Initial Training

1.1 Hiring A.I.M. Mercenaries

The tutorial in Jagged Alliance 3 does not have a time limit, allowing you to hire A.I.M. mercs to train your I.M.P. merc immediately after capturing the first sector. This gives you an early advantage in improving your squad’s capabilities.

1.2 Choosing the Right Mercenary

If you have the Forgiving Mode active, it’s recommended to start with Wolf as your initial trainer. Wolf possesses a perk that reduces operation time by 33% and a trait that further reduces train operation time by 10%. This significantly speeds up your initial training progress.

1.3 Dumping Stats and Training with Wolf

Dump your I.M.P. merc’s stats such as HP, STR, MRK, and MEC onto Wolf. Begin training your stats with Wolf until the learning rate starts to slow down. Remember, you can train your stats up to 91 points.

Section 2: Hiring Additional Mercenaries

2.1 Steroid for HP and STR

After training with Wolf, hire Steroid to focus on increasing HP and STR stats.

2.2 Mouse for AGI and DEX

Next, recruit Mouse to train AGI and DEX stats.

2.3 Livewire for MEC

Livewire can be hired to train MEC, but keep in mind that she can only raise it to 85 points. To reach the maximum of 91 MEC, you will need to hire Vicki later in the game.

2.4 Barry for EXP

Barry is an excellent choice for training EXP, allowing your mercenary to gain valuable experience points.

2.5 Raven for MRK

Recruit Raven to enhance your mercenary’s marksmanship (MRK) skills.

2.6 Raider for LDR

Hiring Raider will improve your mercenary’s leadership (LDR) abilities.

2.7 Dr. Q for MED

Dr. Q specializes in medical training (MED), although her training will only increase the stat up to 88 points. However, this can be a compatible option for a Dynamic Duo playthrough if you wait to hire the next mercenary until Dr. Q has left.

2.8 Dynamic Duo Option

Once you’ve taken the Tutorial village, consider purchasing A.I.M. Gold membership to unlock legendary mercs. You can then hire one of these legendary mercs as your Dynamic Duo partner, further enhancing your team’s capabilities.

Section 3: Training without Forgiving Mode

3.1 Cheap Recruits for Non-Forgiving Mode

In case you’re playing without the Forgiving Mode, focus on recruiting affordable mercenaries like Barry, Grizzly, MD, Livewire, and Mouse as trainers.

3.2 Optimal Training Strategy

With the starting money and the money obtained in the first sector, follow this training plan:

  • Start with 85 in all stats except 40 in STR and 0 in EXP, MEC, and MED.
  • Train with Barry for 2 weeks, investing $4940 to increase EXP from 0 to 44.
  • Continue training with Barry for another 2 weeks, investing $4940 to raise EXP from 44 to 62.
  • Hire MD and train for 2 weeks, spending $5630 plus $900, increasing MED from 0 to 54.
  • Recruit Livewire and train for 2 weeks, investing $5780 plus $1100, increasing MEC from 0 to 41.
  • Train with Livewire for an additional 2 weeks, investing $5780, raising MEC from 41 to 59.
  • Employ Grizzly and train for 2 weeks, spending $5040, raising STR from 40 to 58.
  • Train with Grizzly for another 2 weeks, investing $5040, increasing STR from 58 to 72.

Section 4: Additional Resources

After taking the tutorial village with your mercenary, you’ll receive $30,000. You can use this money for further training or to hire your desired mercs, ensuring you have a well-rounded and highly skilled squad.


By following the strategies and tips outlined in this guide, you’ll be able to maximize your mercenary training efficiency in Jagged Alliance 3. Remember to adapt your training plan based on your gameplay preferences and the specific mercenaries available to you. Good luck on your mercenary journey!

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