Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Sell and Buy Items

Learn how to maximize your earnings in Jagged Alliance 3 by selling valuable items like diamonds and repurposing old weapons for useful upgrades. Discover the various ways in which every item in the game can be utilized, ensuring nothing goes to waste. Uncover the true value of your inventory and make strategic decisions to optimize your resources.

How to Sell and Buy Items

Selling Items and Equipment

You can sell some items in Jagged Alliance 3 to earn additional funds. Among these items, there are special valuable objects, mostly diamonds, which can be sold from your inventory. To sell these items, simply right-click on them and select the “cash in” option.

Unfortunately, most equipment in the game cannot be sold. However, every item has a purpose and can be used in some way. There are no unnecessary objects in Jagged Alliance 3. They can be utilized as parts for gear upgrades or other purposes. Even bags of Chien money have value as currency, so don’t destroy them. Instead of selling your old weapons, consider repurposing them into something useful if you no longer need them.

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