Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Maximize Cash in Diamond Mines

Maximize your cash flow in diamond mines even after depletion with effective strategies and mercenary tips. Discover cost-effective hiring practices, strategic mercenary composition, and optimized training methods. Overcome financial challenges through continuous cost management and supplementing income. Secure a prosperous future for your mining operation.

Maximizing Cash Flow in Diamond Mines: Effective Strategies and Mercenary Tips


Discover the most effective strategies and mercenary tips to ensure a positive cash flow in diamond mines even after they run out. By optimizing your hiring practices and utilizing cost-efficient mercenaries, you can maintain a lucrative operation and overcome financial challenges. Explore these proven methods to secure a steady income and thrive in the diamond mining industry.

Cost-Effective Hiring Practices

Utilize Affordable Mercenaries

Consider opting for cost-effective mercenaries, such as those found in the cheapest tab, to maximize your cash flow. These mercenaries offer a reasonable balance of skills and cost, allowing you to maintain profitability without compromising on effectiveness. Prioritize acquiring the first diamond mine and gradually expand by conquering the nearest town and two forts before moving on to the next mine.

Strategic Mercenary Composition

Crafting a well-rounded team is essential for long-term success. Initially, recruit three AIM mercenaries from the cheap tab and the IMP mercenary for the starting island. Later, add a doctor and mechanic to support your team. As your operation grows, consider incorporating two more combat-oriented mercenaries. Notably, expensive mercenaries are unnecessary; instead, train affordable mercenaries to become elite. Recommended mercenaries include Barry (explosive specialist), Livewire (highest mechanic stat), Fox, and potentially Mouse or MD. When needed, hire Wolf as the sixth member, as he saves time in operations and synergizes well with Fox.

Optimize Mercenary Training

Focus on enhancing key combat attributes—agility, dexterity, and marksmanship—to ensure your mercenaries excel in battle. Expensive mercenaries may lack strong starting stats in these areas, making Fox and Mouse particularly advantageous due to their emphasis on marksmanship training. Train their marksmanship above 80 to minimize the need for further training. Additionally, equip each mercenary with a well-modded sniper rifle for optimal performance.

Overcoming Financial Challenges

Continuous Cost Management

Maintaining a positive cash flow requires diligent cost management. Avoid aggressive hiring practices that could burden your finances. As you renew contracts with mercenaries, be prepared for increasing costs, especially with more expensive mercenaries. For example, the third time renewing the contract with Kalyna led to a cost of over 10,000, more than double the initial amount. Stay mindful of contract renewal terms and negotiate strategically to control expenses.

Supplementing Income

Supplementing your mining revenue can significantly improve your financial situation. Explore additional avenues for income, such as hacking, completing quests, and selling valuable items. Leverage these opportunities to generate extra cash flow, alleviating any financial strains that may arise.


By implementing these strategies and leveraging cost-effective mercenaries, you can maintain a positive cash flow even after diamond mines run out. With careful hiring practices, strategic composition, optimized training, and efficient cost management, you’ll thrive in the diamond mining industry while overcoming financial challenges. Stay proactive, adapt to changing circumstances, and secure a prosperous future for your mining operation.

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