Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Get Rich

Learn effective strategies for accumulating wealth (getting rich, money) in Jagged Alliance 3. Discover income sources such as diamond mines and intercepting transports and optimize your expenses by setting long-term contracts and saving on fees. Increase your financial stability and maximize your funds to succeed in the game.

Money – How to Get Rich

In Jagged Alliance 3, acquiring wealth requires strategic planning and utilizing various income sources. Follow these tips to increase your funds and save money:


Diamond mines are a significant source of regular income. Secure the H7 mine as soon as you can leave the starting island. Hover the mouse over the diamond symbol on the strategic map to preview the potential yield of a mine. Liberating nearby cities increases their loyalty, boosting the daily income generated by the mine. Protect your mines with militias to prevent enemy reclamation. Mercenaries with the “Negotiator” skill, like Buns, can reduce recruitment costs for militias.

Intercept Transports

Occasionally, your enemies transport diamonds from their mines to port cities. On the satellite map, moving diamond symbols represent these groups, and their troop strength is displayed. Intercepting such transports often allows you to automatically calculate the battle. Typically, a group carries a diamond crate that can be sold directly from the inventory (right-click) for $12,000.

Long-Term Contracts

To minimize daily costs, set the contract duration for mercenaries to be as long as possible if you plan to keep them for an extended period. Longer contracts significantly reduce daily expenses. Align contract expiration dates for multiple mercenaries to extend them simultaneously, avoiding frequent contract renegotiations.

Saving the Gold Status Fee

You can unlock the Gold status on the mercenary website for $20,000, granting access to elite mercenaries. However, the membership becomes available for free later in the game. The timing of this change may vary, but it generally occurs after progressing further, such as in June 2001 in our case.

Monitor your account balance and daily changes on the right below the strategic map to track your financial progress. Efficiently manage your income sources, protect diamond mines, and optimize contract durations to accumulate wealth in Jagged Alliance 3.

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