Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Fast Loot

Discover how to optimize your looting (fast and best) in Jagged Alliance 3 with these tips. Learn how to thoroughly search sectors for valuable items, use the Alt key to locate loot spots, handle booby-trapped containers safely, and streamline the distribution of loot after battles. Enhance your looting efficiency and gather resources effectively to gain an advantage in the game.

How to Fast Loot

In Jagged Alliance 3, mastering the art of fast looting can greatly benefit your gameplay. Follow these tips to efficiently gather valuable items:

  • Thorough Sector Search: When there are no more enemies present, thoroughly search sectors. Look for herbs (used for medications), components, and even money. Observant mercenaries can spot these objects from a greater distance.
  • Utilize the Alt Key: Pressing the Alt key allows you to quickly locate previously discovered loot spots. Use this feature to identify areas where you can send a mercenary equipped with a crowbar or appropriate tools later.
  • Beware of Traps: Be cautious as some containers may be booby-trapped, capable of exploding or delivering electric shocks. To avoid casualties, send only one mercenary to open such containers instead of the entire group tightly clustered together.
  • Group Loot Distribution: After battles, you don’t have to individually search each enemy corpse. The loot automatically transfers to the sector stash in your inventory, streamlining the looting process.
  • By mastering fast looting techniques, you can efficiently gather resources and maximize the potential gains from each sector exploration.

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