Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Choose the Best Weapons

Discover the optimal weapons choices in Jagged Alliance 3, including the effectiveness of snipers, the power of knives, and the strategic use of machine guns. Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of different weapon categories, from long-range accuracy to close-quarters combat. Find out how to maximize your firepower and make informed decisions for your mercenary team.

Choosing the Right Weapons

In Jagged Alliance 3, snipers are the top weapon category. They offer long-range capabilities, high accuracy (even mercs with low accuracy can hit headshots), and the power to instantly kill enemies with a headshot, regardless of armor. Silencers can be attached to rifles, allowing a party armed with silenced rifles to clear the entire map without alerting enemies.

The Gewehr 98 is readily available in large quantities from the beginning of the game. However, they may require repairs, so having a party mechanic is useful. Gevers will later be replaced by Dragoons, which can be purchased in unlimited quantities at the poaching camp in sector C5. Consider exchanging Dragoons for Winchester 1894, depending on personal preference, as the Winchesters have shorter range. M24 rifles are available but can slow down mercenaries at the start of rounds, making them a less popular choice.

Machine guns have a high rate of fire, good accuracy, and a unique overwatch mechanic when a fighter lies down and deploys the machine gun. They excel at taking out enemies in close proximity. However, they consume ammunition quickly, are heavy, and have relatively low damage per bullet. The base MG42 may disappoint, but the HK21, fully modified and wielded by Vicky Waters, is a formidable weapon. Look for a free HK21 in sector B13, inside a box in the middle of the street.

Shotguns are generally not recommended, except in specific situations like shooting oncoming hyenas in overwatch or applying the Suppressed debuff to enemies standing close together. Grenades or machine guns are often more effective in these cases.

Knives are powerful weapons for short and medium range combat, but they require specific training in strength, agility, and dexterity. Knife-wielding fighters constantly use “free movement” to engage enemies and maneuver on the battlefield. They cannot carry heavy weapons or use heavy armor, relying on high health and perks like “Willpower” (Grit) to endure damage. Important perks for knife fighters include “jump-retreat” for free movement after a knife attack, “series of kills” for increased damage when switching targets, “concentration” for extra action points, and “surprise attack” to neutralize enemy return fire perks. The ideal knife is a basic knife that can be sharpened using a rare grindstone found in locations such as the C7 mines or the F13 town.

Grenade launchers, RPGs, and mortars have limited effectiveness due to their small radius of destruction and the inability to consistently kill enemies even with direct hits. However, RPGs are useful for breaking down walls, allowing access to tightly locked doors.

Consider these factors when choosing your weapons to ensure the best performance in combat situations throughout Jagged Alliance 3.

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