Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Cheat (Mods)

This shows how to cheat (modding codes) Jagged Alliance 3 using mods via Steam Workshop.

How to Cheat (Mods)

Subscribre it on Steam Workshop::Cheats Menu (steamcommunity.com)

Simple mod for enabling Cheats Menu provided by Developers. Something works, something not. Big kudos to FAIL! Chapi from Official Discord!

BE WARNED #1: Cheats not only can break your game but it can make it UNFUN! So, use it only for research purposes!

BE WARNED #2: Yes, some Cheats DOES NOT work at all, like Toggle for Passing All Skill Checks (Bombastic is still bombastic!). I know. But I won’t lie to you – I am not creating anything here, I am just enabling what Developers already added into the game scripts.

LAST WARNING: Modding require understanding what are you doing, so neither me, nor the Jagged Alliance 3 Developer take responsibility for any damages to your property, savegame files, sanity or anything else!

  • Add Weapon
  • Enable Teleport
  • Execute…
  • Autoresolve Wins (toggle)
  • Parts Costs (toggle)
  • Meds Costs (toggle)
  • Start Combat Now
  • Kill Enemies
  • God Mode (toggle)
  • Infinite AP (toggle)
  • Invulnerability (toggle)
  • Always Hit (toggle)
  • Successful skill check (toggle)
  • Always Miss (toggle)
  • Add Mercenary
  • Remove Mercenary
  • Set Merc Hire Status
  • Unlock A.I.M. Gold
  • OneHpEnemies (toggle)
  • Fast Operation (toggle) Level Up
  • Level Up Max
  • Restore Energy
  • Reveal Traps
  • Add Money
  • Add Ammo
  • Weak Damage (toggle)
  • Strong Damage (toggle)
  • Full Visibility (toggle)
  • Heal Mercenaries
  • Grant AP 10
  • Grant AP 100
  • Remove 1 AP
  • Add +10 merc stats
  • Perk Points

How to Use

1. Install the mod
2. Enable it in Mod Manager
3. Open Options, there will be new category – Mod Options
4. Check that Cheats Menu mod (this one) has it sole option Enabled
5. Load your savegame
6. Open menu with Esc, there will new shiny button – Cheats.
7. That’s it. Now you can play the game, but you better play without cheats, I warned you!

Jump in to Official Discord to #ja3-mod-discussion channel, share your mods ideas with the community, ask for a help or just relax with a nice company!

If it is not work you can use this engine: Jagged Alliance 3 WeMod

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