Internet Cafe Simulator 2 – How to Get Rich Quick

A guide on how to get rich quick (i.e. 100,000 in 2-3 hours) in Internet Cafe Simulator 2.

How to Get Rich Quick

When you start the game you will start with $2,000. Don’t waste money on PC’s yet. Just buy the $1370 (or the $1400 if you don’t care) arcade machine on Zamora. (they both give you the same $120 income so just buy the cheaper one) Place it in your cafe and open your cafe.

Everytime someone uses it, you will immediately get $120 per time. You will get around idk 6-800 day. Day 2-3 buy another $1370 arcade machine. You will then double your income. Do this like 4-5 times until you have 6-7 highest end arcade machines. You will now be making around 2,000-3000 a day.

Feel free to save up and buy the highest end PCs, Vr tables, console, etc one at a time. Employ all the employees and start upgrading your shop. Around 5-6 irl hours in you will have a max shop and be able to afford everything.

By TheShieldsTTV

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