Internet Cafe Simulator 2 – How to Get 100% Achievements

A guide on how to get 100% all achievements in Internet Cafe Simulator 2. Also, getting $100000.

How to Get 100% Achievements

I have 100% this game in less than 12 hours.

Here is the fastest way to 100% this game.
Do not do this if you’re trying to grind out the game as you can get 100k in less than 4 hours.

1.Tutorials -its simple, just do the tutorials, if you cant do this at least, uninstall.

2. Blackjack- Find the rabbit club, spend 100$ at the bodyguard to go inside. Back room behind bar has a poker table. Play it once. Done

3. Family – Make sure you talk to the beggar and do his quests, sleeping causes progression of days, everyday the beggar will have a new quest, you must actually sleep to progress his missions. one of his missions he asks you to beat up a bald guy in a white tank top, just look for the guy who looks like Vin Diesel and knock him out with the baseball bat and return to the beggar to complete quest.

4.Fighter- Knock some people out.

5. Cracker – Crack a game using the cmd console on your PC.

6. Police investigation – Just let the police come up to you and search you, they randomly will search you in the game so dont try and instigate them, it doesnt work.

7. Reporter. When you leave your apartment, there are two dumpsters straight ahead of you, look between them, Amogus.

8. Thief- knock out a thief trying to steal from you.

9. Game Lover – EZ, just buy all the games on Steem on your PC. (Steem is downloaded from the app page on your web browser in game)

10. Mining – Buy bitcoin miners and mine over 1 BTC and then go sleep in your bed.

11. MMO golem- play warcry classic on your PC and kill a golem

12. Flying Cafe – another quest from the beggar (his last quest) (progression day 7 from sleeping) he needs $1,500.00

13. Hotdog- buy the Hotdog stand from your cafe site

14. Free Spin- Buy the free spin for $2000.00 on Fruit Spin

15. Crypto- buy/sell at least 100,000 total $ worth of crypto.

16. Richest – (this part is important) HAVE $100,000, then GO TO SLEEP. It only triggered it for me by sleeping.

By TheShieldsTTV

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