Inscryption – Guide to Chapter 3 (Pillar Code)

It is a guide to chapter 3 (pillar code) in Inscryption.

Guide to Chapter 3 (Pillar Code)

The 1st symbol in the clock on the wall to the left from the game table. Remembering that in the 1st chapter the clock gave out a ring for 11 o’clock I tried it here and got this piece of paper.

The next symbol in the second room next to the device where we took the battery. There you can find a drone and after a fight with the boss of the northeast, this robot will have a camera. If you press the bot in the center, it will make a flash, and if on the sides it will spin around its axis. If you try, you can catch the moment so that the flash fires on the wall opposite and below you can find another symbol.

The 3rd symbol can be found almost towards the end of the chapter. When you arrive at the northwest location, you can find a crafting table. And to the left of the game table, you might have noticed creature’s portrait. It is this creature that we need to create. Be careful, you only have 2 attempts.

by Csandro

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