Inscryption – Boss Guide (Best Tips)

This helps you on all boss with best tips to win in Inscryption.

Boss Guide

A list of general good tips, as well as a walkthrough of each boss(currently updating, I have beaten all bosses about 3 times now)

The Best Tips

If you are confused about the bottom-right shelf puzzle, think about what happens when your guy attacks a prickly dude.(hint, he dies)

If you are full on items when you go to a shop, you get a pack rat, a 2/2 that gives you an item each time it is summoned.

Diagonal attack is very strong, it basically allows you to hit enemies that can’t hit you, while at the same time dealing double damage if you are hitting empty tiles.

Search is very strong as a trait; always take it if you can. Looking through your deck to draw a card with impunity is amazing.

Always try to overkill an enemy. Overkilling gives you extra golden teeth, a currency that allows you to purchase pelts from the trapper

Squirrel in a bottle is OP. Always use this.

Squirrel in a bottle is OP. Always take this.

Enemies that use kingfishers(like the Angler) are basically damage races. Make sure to pick units that have high attack values. You cannot always rely on the tankiness of your units.

Overkill-Hitting enemies through other enemies can be very useful, as it breaks through their special abilities, like dive, or poison. This is why attack damage is very important

If you are planning on not winning/dying, take a urayuli with you. It’s cost is kind of ridiculous, but if you manage to get those stats onto a death card, at any other cost 7/7 in stats is amazing.

Totemswise, squirrel-sacrifice or squirrel-undying is very strong. Anything else pales in comparison.

Bone-cards are very strong in bosses, especially if you have multiple lives to turn into smoke at the start of the boss.

Boss 1(Prospector)

He summons a pack mule(which moves around like an elk)on the very left at the very start, as

well as a 2/1 canine.

He continues to summon some monsters in other tiles if you do not kill his first life fast enough.

If you kill the pack mule, the mule will give you five random cards, I believe always including a squirrel.

After you take out his first life, he kills each of your monsters and replaces them with a gold

nuggets. He then summons a 2/3 Bloodhound.

These gold nuggets are 0/2 and cannot be sacrificed.

He continues to summon adders(I believe up to 3?) until he dies.

Thus ends the prospector encounter.

Boss 2(Angler)

Angler summons multiple kingfishers to start, I believe 2-3. They have dive and flying, making

them near impossible to kill and block.

Every other turn he will steal the most recently played creature you have. This will move all

creatures in the column up, including his own.

This can be an excellent way to prevent him from dealing damage to you, if you let him drag

squirrels onto his side.

After you knock out his first life, he will clear his side of the board and summon 3 bait buckets


After you knock out his first life, he will clear his side of the board and summon 3 bait buckets


These 0/1 buckets summon a 4/2 shark with dive after dying, making them extremely

inadvisable to kill.

Best way to beat this guy at this stage is to sacrifice any normal creatures and use a flying

creature to kill the boss without damaging the bait.

Barring this, you can brute-force the sharks, by blocking their damage with high health

creatures and dealing damage in turn to the boss.

Boss 3(Trapper/Trader)

The Trapper’s first phase involves summoning two strange frogs, leaving a space on the left 3

columns empty to summon one the next turn.

There is also a Leaping Trap that is summoned on the very right(it’s been there all 6ish times

for me) that kills anything that it defends against, as well as blocking flying units.

if you kill a frog, you will also summon a leaping trap in its place.

best way to go about finishing this one is to stall until you get your strong units in hand, then kill

the traps and move on to the next phase.

You can also just try to rush to the next phase ASAP to avoid wasting resources on this section

of the fight.

The main mechanic here is to sacrifice your creatures for pelts that will be used in the next

phase, but honestly you’re sacrificing your creatures for random creatures essentially.

In the next phase, the trapper give you a pelt, and asks you to use all pelts in your hand to

trade for cards on his side of the field. These will all be one-patch upgraded creatures.

Here you will have to adapt to your strategy, but if you set up your board before, then you just

need to empty a column and one-shot him.

If you did not, then you need to make sure to take the creatures that will be your biggest

problems and make them his biggest problems.

As an example of how I set it up, I had a 4 attack monster set up, and took all his creatures in

that column, as well as the turkey vulture. Therefore I had enough to overkill him immediately

without dealing with his crazy creatures.

Final Boss + Leadup

Before the final boss you will be given the option to pick several boons, if you can pass

tests(similar to the creature den)

You can always pass one of them if you have the ring from the cuckoo clock(turn the clock to


These boons can be game changing, like starting with a black goat, or with 8 bones.

You always start with extra smoke(s), and the boss has 3 lives this time.

The boss can use other boss’s abilities, like the prospector’s gold-turning trick.

He can use the angler’s steal unit ability, with the same targeting logic as the angler(last unit


He can use the trapper’s pelt trade ability, and summon two super creatures that you get to pick

one and the boss keeps the other.

In the next phase he will summon two death-cards in random columns. As you can see the ones

he summoned for me are quite strong, but I got unlucky this round.

He can continue to use his three special abilities during this time.

After you deal with this next phase, he summons the moon on you.

The moon has 40 hp, attack all tiles, 1 attack, and creature orbit(pulls small creatures to death)

Essentially it’s a giant health mantis god.

The best way to deal with this crazy creature is to use stinky to lower its attack to 0.

At that point you just have to beat the creature down. Here, triple attacks or double attacks like the mantises are very powerful in dealing multiple hits to the moon.

Poison works on the moon.

After the moon dies, you just need to kill him; he is defenseless.

Congratulations you just beat the game… or did you? The secrets in this game… I am personally waiting for someone better than me to put a guide out on it 🙂

by lacter543

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